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The 365 Cancer Prevention Society (365CPS) is an approved Institution of Public Character (IPC), registered under Singapore’s National Council of Social Service. Its mission is to serve the community through a holistic suite of cancer prevention measures, mainly raising public awareness and various education and outreach programs. These include health and nutrition education, promotion of healthy lifestyle and lymphatic detox exercise programs. Practical and emotional support and care for patients and their family members in their battle against cancer through residential and hospital visitations, counseling and therapy services are also provided. As a non-profit organization, 365CPS depends on public donations to fund all its services and programs.

As a non-profit dealing with cancer prevention, the 365CPS first seeks to effect change via cancer prevention, then works to provide support via various means to cancer patients, working with them to fight the battle. Lastly, the 365CPS also works to raise awareness on health and wellness. 


As a non-profit, the caring and tender hands at the CPS365 have gone beyond just the cancer patients. Since CPS365 acts to raise the quality of life of people afflicted by cancer, the day care centre acts to provide caregiving support to cancer patients and their family members who need it. There, it also provides a nutritious diet to cancer patients and provides a positive and encouraging environment to them. With the day care centre, the CPS365 recognises that family members of cancer patients may not know how or lack the sufficient skills to take care of them the way they need it. Hence, this is a place where cancer patients can spend the day there and receive the right level of care they need for recuperation at the CPS365 day care centre, and at the same time, their family members have peace of mind knowing their family member is in good hands at the 365 Cancer Prevention Society. 

With your donations, the CPS365 has set up a physical centre, which provides onsite therapy and support for cancer patients is provided, holds regular cooking and music classes too, hoping to provide a support network and positive environment for these individuals to fight their battles with cancer. 

Website: www.365cps.org.sg
Phone number: +65 6337 3368
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