Help to save Aahna from Lung Cancer

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Anubhav Shrivastava is a Family member of the beneficiary.

My lovely four years old daughter Aahna is fighting for her life at the Children's ICU at KK Hospital. She was recently diagnosed to be suffering from a very rare Type-3 PPB Lung Cancer. The tumor is advanced and takes up most most of her lung space, measuring 17cm by 10cm. This form of Cancer is so rare that up till now, there have been less than 50 known cases. 

The doctors are doing everything they can to save her, but have been facing multiple setbacks. So far, her hospital bill is $250,000, and it is anticipated to increase to S$500,000. As we are non-Singaporeans, we are not eligible for Medisave and other Government Subsidies. Also, we had not bought any life insurance for Aahna, so the financial burden is very heavy on our family. We hope to take her back to India for medical treatment as soon as her condition is better, but for now, we seek your support to cover her medical bills.

Our nightmare started on 9th April when our daughter and only child Aahna had a high fever. The GP prescribed her with Ibuprofen, and when the fever did not improve, she was given Antibiotics. After her dose of Antibiotics, she still had a fever. We then decided to take her to a specialist for a check-up. At this time, Aahna also started to complain of breathlessness. The specialist took an XRay and concluded she had pneumonia. He also suggested that we bring her to KKH, which we did.

At KKH, our world fell apart when a CT Scan/Ultrasound revealed that Aahna had a huge (17 by 10cm) tumor that was pressing on her lungs. She was put through chemotherapy and given an emergency surgery on the 1st of May to remove the tumor. Thankfully, she survived the surgery where they removed 95% of the tumor. However, there are post-surgery complications and internal bleeding.

Aahna has been unconscious for the last 7 days. Our family has been having the most difficult of times in the last 2 weeks, with bad news and more bad news. We are hoping to get as much financial and moral support as possible in this tough situation.

Being a father, it's my humble request to extend your hand of support to save my daughter's life. Thanks for your patience in reading my painful story. Hoping to get some support from you.
Plea from Aahna's father - Anubhav