24 HOUR RACE: KGV Coed - Team D

24 HOUR RACE: KGV Coed - Team D

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More people are enslaved today than at any time in human history. In no country is the practice legal, yet its injustice continues to leave no country or community unaffected. Modern slavery is hidden in red light districts and factories, on fishing boats and farms, through our supply chains and even within our homes.

Slavery’s many labels include human trafficking, forced and bonded labor, sex trade, debt bondage, and domestic servitude. Its tragedy most often affects the vulnerable – men, women, and children alike. Ultimately, modern slavery is characterised by the denial of a basic freedom and human dignity when a victim is exploited for economic or personal gain. 

It is estimated that over a quarter of the millions of people trapped in slavery today are under the age of 18. Minors are too often the most vulnerable in society and subject to the worst kinds of abuses. Children are sold for sex, trafficked into orphanages to impress donors, and worked long hours for little to no pay in factories, workshops, farms and hotels.

King George V School is participating in the 24 Hour Race. It is a youth movement which aims to empower young people to make a difference in the lives of young people across the globe affected by slavery. It is a youth, for youth model, a powerful tool to mobilize funds and awareness against this tragedy. KGV is participating with 9 teams of 8 students each. Team D Coed consists of members: 

  1. Adrian Watson
  2. Chung Yin Tsang
  3. Ben Wishart
  4. Thomas Edwards
  5. Seren Bird
  6. Sai Gayatri Nainani
  7. Estelle Lim
  8. Eshaa Jain

We need your help! Please support our participation in this movement. Please spread the word, raise awareness, donate!

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