24 Hour Race Kuala Lumpur 2016

24 Hour Race Kuala Lumpur 2016

MYR 64,664.78

raised by 347 people

November 19th 2016

IGB International School

24 Hour Race is a movement by young people, for young people. We are a generation of youth who run to abolish modern slavery.

To help achieve our goals, the Kuala Lumpur 24 Hour Race is working with SUKA Society to help children and women who have been trafficked to Malaysia overcome the trauma of their exploitation. SUKA provides regular therapeutic, educational, and case management services for the survivors. SUKA then ensures safe travel for the survivors back to their home countries, and help them rebuild their lives once they return. With proper rehabilitation, the risk of these children and women being re-trafficked into slavery is significantly reduced.

This November 19th at IGB International School, 1040 runners from ages as young as 15 years old will be running in the Kuala Lumpur 24 Hour Race. The Race aims to challenge runners from our generation to run for 24 hours in relay, and is both a physical and mental challenge where runners push themselves to their very limits to run more laps and raise more funds for benefit of human trafficking survivors.

In past years, the KL 24 Hour Race has funded various programs, from mathematics and science education for trafficked children, to art therapy and emotional freedom programs, yoga and martial arts programs to rebuild survivors’ confidence, festive community engagement programs, a Stop Violence Against Women campaign, and more. Learn more about our movement and global impact at 24hourrace.org.

Help us raise 300,000 MYR by October 22 to help these survivors overcome the trauma of their exploitation and to take charge of their own futures.

Donate, and help rebuild a human trafficking survivor’s life— every bit makes a difference.

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Besides GIVE, we have received MYR 48,548.10 from other sources.

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