Afrostars 24 Hour Race Team

Afrostars 24 Hour Race Team

HKD 17,705.70

raised by 31 people

Despite the global abolition of slavery, we find an unprecedented number of humans illegally trafficked annually. Every 24 hours, 5500 men, women and children become victims of slavery. 

On the 19-20th of November, a handful of Discovery College students will be participating in the 7th annual 24 hour race. With a group of 8, we plan on running a full 24 hours with a minimum of 2 students running at any given time. We hope the race is able to draw attention to the pressing matter of human trafficking. Through the support of sponsoring our runners, we aim to raise a minimum of HKD$10,000 towards abolishing slavery worldwide.

Our team consists of the following Discovery College students:

Nathan Honarvar (Team Captain)

Jennifer Allardice

Danny Choi

Amelia Haines

Aaryaman Dutt

Izzy Van Ingen

Bailey Mckay

Kayla Potgieter

We hope that you will support our efforts in the fight against modern day slavery.

More updates coming soon!