Air Search and Rescue Effort for Missing Diver Rinta Mukkam

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This movement has ended successfully

SGD 2,768.00

raised of SGD 100,000.00 goal

Srinesh Balakrishnan is a Friend of the beneficiary.

Ms Rinta Mukkam is a 40yo Singaporean Diver and my close friend's sister who went missing off Komodo Islands near Gili Lawa Laut on Thursday (13th July 2017) around 12pm. So far rescue efforts by the BASARNAS in Indonesia have turned up unsuccessful. We have reason to believe she is afloat somewhere in the area due to currents that may have carried her away from the diving site she had gone to with 15 other Divers. 

The BASARNAS and military/Indonesian navy had thus far not supplied any Heli support. Ms Rinta's family have been paying the cost of the search Helicopter which they have informed me is USD 60,000 (approx SGD 82,000) a day. 

I decided to start this on behalf of the family and also friends of Roy and Rinta. Please contribute if you can. Thank you.

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 95,000.00 from other sources.