AISHK - Boys Team 1

AISHK - Boys Team 1

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Slavery may have been outlawed in the U.S. in the 19th Century, but human trafficking still exists all around the world today, hidden in plain sight. Modern day slavery is a very real thing. Countless families are torn apart every day, with men, women, and children becoming the victims of traffickers. Countries all around the globe are plagued with the effects of human trafficking, involved as a country of origin, transit, or destination for these people.

35 million slaves exist in the world today, with a mere 0.1% of them helped annually. Only 5,500 traffickers are convicted yearly, despite the industry generating an estimated $150 Billion annually – all through illegal and unethical means.

The Running To Stop Traffik 24 Hour Race is a youth movement whose aim is to challenge our generation to lead global action against slavery. The Australian International School Hong Kong is taking part with 6 teams of 8 students each, all driven to make a difference in this world. Our team, AISHK Boys Team 1, consists of members:

  •  Jake Purdey
  •  Jack McCorkell 
  • Bennett Wu 
  • Kyle Van Beers
  • Ethan McGrath
  • Darby Durack 
  • Shawnway Chiu
  • Trevor Cheng

We’re working hard to make a difference, but we need your help. Donations by you, our sponsors, can help us become motivated, knowing we are being supported and truly running for a cause. These donations will go to efforts directly targeted at eradicating human trafficking worldwide.

We will be genuinely grateful for any donations and comments of positivity that can help us be successful in our 24 Hour Race.

Thank you.

 - AISHK Boys Team 1

Besides GIVE, we have received HKD 2,200.00 from other sources.

More updates coming soon!