AISHK Girls Team 1 - Help Support Us in the 24 Hour Race

AISHK Girls Team 1 - Help Support Us in the 24 Hour Race

HKD 17,176.00

raised by 28 people

The Australian International School of Hong Kong (AISHK) is participating in the 24 Hour Race to raise awareness and to stand against the issue of human trafficking.  

Human trafficking has been described to be "one of the most heinous forms of organised crimes and violation of human rights" (Greece - Ministry of Foreign Affairs) that is affecting people all around the world.  Every year, thousands of women, children and men become a part of the issues of traffickers whether it be in their own country or abroad.  Every country worldwide, faces their own issues with human trafficking either as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims.

The 24 Hour Race (Running to Stop Traffik) is a youth movement that is striving "to advocate freedom in a world of ridden with slavery". (24 Hour Race Organisation)  AISHK has developed 6 teams of 48 students with high spirits, energy and dedication to be runners in this event.  The students are being given "the chance to inspire change" (24 Hour Race Organisation) and through determination of skills, they will participate in this race with a heart full of passion.  For the AISHK Girls Team 1, it includes:

    • Olivia McDuffie 
    • Natalie Chu
    • Ava Marshall 
    • Xanthe Alessi
    • Niamh Davies
    • Lara Schats
    • Annabelle Burton 
    • Chelsea Chan

    Through donations from supporters we wish to achieve a difference to the world's issue of human trafficking.  The donations by you, as our sponsors, can help in providing more encouragement, more determination and more enthusiasm to our runners in knowing they are being supported and truly running for a cause.  

    We will be grateful to any donations and comments of positivity to help be successful in our 24 Hour Race.

    Kind Regards,

    AISHK Girls 

    Team 1

    More updates coming soon!