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Akanksha Sharma is a Friend of the beneficiary.

Here is something to ponder upon - 

We have more than 5000 active welfare organisations and Non Profits today and everyone of us ready to help people around us in some way or the other. However, we still see issues around the society everywhere - Alzheimer patients, elderly struggling to get their food and daily needs because of being alone, victims of accidents and mishaps, students not able to find scholarships and many more.

Have you ever wondered why such a scenario despite of rich resources at both the ends? 

To understand where the exact issue is, we interviewed many people like us and VWOs/ Non Profits and here's what we found :

  • Help Seekers and Help Givers look for unbiased reviews about these VWOs as they are worried about their transparency and authenticity about where their time/ money would be used and whether these organisations be of real solution providers to the needy
  • All of us want to give society in some way but they need triggers to get reminded as they don't find fun and enjoyment in these activities
  • Welfare organisations also strive for quality volunteers based on correct skillsets but because they don't know how to connect to the people who are interested to spare their time and money, they have to compromise

To conclude, we found there is a communication gap between these two parties which let these problem breathe in society and inefficient utilisation of present resources.

Our Solution - BrydgeYou

BrydgeYou is a mobile app which is designed to solve these problems by filling the gap between help givers and help seekers. It has following key features:

  1. It lists the available resources (NPOs and VWOs) by different category where they can be searched by help seekers and help givers easily by skillset, location and interests
  2. It enables beneficiaries to rate these organisations and provide comments on their experience thus, creating unbiased and transparent picture of teh welfare organisations
  3. It has the ability to connect the volunteers/ individual help givers with like minded socially responsible people around them by check ins, facebook links, chat and media sharing options. Thus making this process a fun social event. 
  4. It also enables the connected people to form interest community groups to foster social activities and build their social profile on BrydgeYou similar to professional profile on Linkedin
  5. Lastly, NPOs and VWOs would be able to reach out most active users based on their skillset and end their search for quality volunteers

You can make an Impact !

We are in the phase of solidifying this solution, beta version being available for download for android. 

For every dollar you spend on our campaign, you would contribute in building this bridge between the Help providers and Help Seekers and thus, make asia a better place to live in!

In return -

  • You will receive a token of gratitude from us on our Facebook page
  • A feel good factor of contribution to society
  • An opportunity to find generous people like you

We need your support to build this bridge!

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Dr. Aparna Gupta

Akanksha Sharma


(Team Brydge You)

More updates coming soon!