Crowdfunding for legal fees

Crowdfunding for legal fees

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Hi.. My name is Qiu and i am a blogger from Singapore. I blog on

Currently i am dealing with a lawsuit with Churp Churp, they want to sue me, to be exact.

I am not in the position to discuss the case right now as legal proceedings have already commenced.

This is an article by TODAY, if you're looking for an official update on what's gone on the last month, here's at least one legit "public statement" that states some of the facts of what's happening.

And there's no good way to put it but i am going to need your help with my legal fees.

I am still able-bodied and i am still working. So i am not poor thing, nor poor.

I do not ask for a single cent for myself to live, the money from crowdfund will not go to my personal expenses / expenditure, but i do really need help with the legal fees as all of my savings had been used up in the past one year plus of email correspondence, letter exchanges, contract reading and consultation etc, plus i went to many different lawyers before i could settle with one i am confident with.

Through this episode, I feel really humbled, by how powerful LOVE can get. Love from a sister.. Love from a husband.. Love from a father.. Love from a friend.. I see how people can help someone else, not for their own benefit, but simply just to lend a hand if it doesn't break an arm.. Or even if it DOES break an arm.. It is also sad to see how ugly people people can get.. But more than anything, i am full of gratefulness to see how selfless people can get in times of need..   That is why i am here with my last shot, to do crowdfunding for the legal fees..

if you're not in the countries stated on, you may also send the fund to [email protected] via Paypal.

Every single cent pooled by you guys will be recorded on the Give.Asia and you will be able to see it open and transparent.  The company suing me has a strong financial standing while all that i really have is a baby, a husband, a supportive family and a group of very supportive friends.. Plus supportive readers.. That may not be enough to pull me through this lawsuits but that gave me enough courage to make a stand for myself instead of being stepped on again and again.

After depleting my personal bank account and resources, i am desperately reaching out to the readers i've kept in touched with for years..   If you believe in this, if you think what is happening to me is unfair and uncalled for, or if you simply want to help me pull through this, then please help me by supporting this crowdfunding in ways you can..

You can support by pooling in money or you can help spread a word for this crowdfunding to pay for my legal fees.   I understand this might not get me there becox if the case goes into full trial, it would take a total of about $200,000 to $250,000. And that's just a rough estimation. But whatever help i can get, i am grateful for..

Thank you.. May your heart be blessed.

I don't have a video.. But i have a very simple life of a mother to share with everyone. I am a mother, to one 1.5 year old, and i'm expecting my second baby in May 2017.. I do look forward to days pass these dark clouds.. =)

More updates coming soon!