Developing a Non-Invasive Way to Monitor Blood Glucose Level

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Finger pricking has always been a painful way for diabetics to monitor blood glucose. We are developing GlucoShine™, a non-invasive device that measures your blood glucose levels. Glucose monitoring should be painlessly easy, don't you agree?

Alan Chan, founder of SBA Mobile Solutions LLP and GlucoShine™

We are SBA Mobile solutions LLP, a team of committed professionals, led by our founder Alan Chan who recently participated in the 2015 Modern Ageing Singapore and was one of the semi-finalists. We decided to create GlucoShine™ as we saw diabetic patients constantly suffer the daily trauma of finger pricking.

Current finger pricking methods allow diabetics to perform self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG). But despite the advancements, it will never erase the foundation of piercing one’s skin to extract blood. The pain, the complexity, and the costs associated with current SMBG has been hindering compliance, hence quality of life and healthcare outcomes, in diabetics. The problems associated with finger pricking are also an impediment for pre-diabetics to monitor their blood glucose levels.

GlucoShineTM utilizes photoplethysmography to generate blood glucose readings.

Our solution is GlucoShine™. This device will adopt photoplethysmography (PPG) to estimate blood glucose level in a non-invasive manner as it is an optical technique. By using low cost bio-sensors with an algorithm, we apply Machine Learning techniques to obtain blood glucose estimates. Being non-invasive, it does not require blood samples or breaking of skin, making it painless, safe, and free of complications. Readings will be presented in an app on your smartphone. Users will thus save money in the long run as it eliminates the use of consumables, namely the lancets and test strips.

Users will thus save money in the long run as it eliminates the use of consumables, namely the lancets and test strips.

Artist impression of GlucoShineTM prototype, for illustration purposes.

We are raising funds for manpower (Project Manager, Engineer, Designer, Researcher, etc.) and work with organizations (such as Institutes of Higher Learning) to create the prototype, test and improve, and start production.

Mr. Alan (right) receiving a token of appreciation from Singapore’s Permanent Secretary of Ministry for Communications and Information, Mr. Gabriel Lim

All donors will be credited as a valued backer on our website, or you can choose to remain anonymous. Donors will also receive email updates on the latest progress of GlucoShine™. Donors who donated between $100 to $499 will receive a discount voucher of the respective amount off the retail price. You will receive your vouchers when GlucoShine™ is available for purchase. If your donation amount is $500 or above, you will be the first batch to receive GlucoShine™, or you can choose to donate yours to Ju Eng Home for Senior Citizens. We accept overseas donations from outside Singapore as well, in which your GlucoShine™ will be shipped to you if applicable. Please note we reserve the right to replace our Glucoshine™ with another device that can also measure blood glucose in a non-invasive manner.

Once GlucoShine™ is available, diabetics will be able to estimate and monitor their long-term blood glucose levels without using lancets. On top of that, it will assist pre-diabetics and healthy individuals who are making the effort to avoid diabetes. World Health Organisation announced that 422 million people are already affected by this dreadful condition. GlucoShine™ will be a huge positive impact on society, and you can be a valued backer of this revolution.