Faruk and his family need your help

Faruk and his family need your help

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Faruk has worked in Singapore for eight long years. He was a welder on ships - a tough and backbreaking job.

He got injured once on the job, recovered, and went back to work. Then he got injured a second time. This time, Faruk noticed debilitating pain that wouldn't go away.

Scans show that Faruk developed tumours on his spine. They were found to be benign, but restrict his movement, and will likely cause him a lifetime of pain.

From the strong stout man that he was, Faruk is today a sorrowful shadow of his former self, unable to work or move around quickly.

The insurer for Faruk's former employer wouldn't pay for this medical treatment, and his tumours have been deemed to be non-work related.

Faruk is in pain, in debt, and will be going home to face a family he's no longer able to support.

Watch him tell his story, and do help, however little you can. Your small gesture will make a world of difference to Faruk and his family.