FIS Boys Team A

FIS Boys Team A

HKD 12,040.00

raised by 31 people


We're trying to raise at least $10,000


Rights4Children: A charity that based in Nepal since 2013, which focuses on prevention and long term change aspect of battling human trafficking. They do this through various projects ranging from hotel training programs to earthquake rebuilding. They focus on helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, which includes former trafficking victims.

The Exodus Road: Charity operating in: the US, Southeast Asia and India. Main focus is on intervention in the form of rescue missions. This means freeing trafficked individuals through legal means with the help of the local police force and government

FIS Boys Team A members

  1. Dimitri Deklebnikoff
  2. Melvin Taieb
  3. Francisco Fazzari
  4. Carlen Sikora
  5. Harry Parsons
  6. Irvin Chau
  7. Fraiser Giulianotti
  8. Melchior Villet

Thanks to all cash and anonymous donors:

Aidan Forlee, Matthew Chan, Marcia & Marcelle Roberts, 

Besides GIVE, we have received HKD 6,900.00 from other sources.

More updates coming soon!