Food waste recycling in every household

Food waste recycling in every household

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Did you know that Singapore has only one landfill left and it is expected to run out of space in less than 15 years if our current habits do not change?

Food waste is a global problem that occurs at every stage of the food supply chain. In 2016, Singapore produced about 800,000 tonnes of food waste and most of it is generated in Food & Beverage outlets and households. According to the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015 produced by the National Environment Agency, Singapore adopts several food waste management strategies.

However, our food waste recycling rate stand at a mere 13%, far lower than other developed countries in Asia, such as South Korea (98%), Taiwan (38%) and Japan (20%). As such, there is an opportunity for us to increase our food waste recycling rate, especially in the area of household food waste.

Second Nature aims to reduce household food waste by promoting the upcycling of unwanted food scraps into organic fertiliser. The team hopes to produce an affordable food waste recycling bin, enhanced with micro-organisms, to encourage recycling among households. This reduces the amount of food waste that is being sent to landfills and incinerators, which will decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

The team is working with professors from the School of Biological Sciences in Nanyang Technological University to develop our prototype. We have conducted small-scale observational studies and interviews with households that cook at home to better understand the needs of our consumers. In addition, we conducted market surveys and market analysis to assess the commercial viability of the product. The goal is to establish a social enterprise that can provide job opportunities and economic empowerment to homemakers and elderly while reducing the environmental impact created by food waste.

The team is made up of a diverse group of students from various disciplines, ranging from Bioengineering, Biological Sciences, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Accountancy, and Public Policy and Global Affairs. Each of us contribute to the broad range of expertise and experiences that will help Marketing & Business Development, Research & Development and Product Development for Second Nature.

We are committed to make this idea a reality and we need your help. We aim to raise SGD$5000 to develop our prototype. Support us by donating to our campaign and we will receive $1 for $1 matching funds from *SCAPE. We hope you will embark on this journey with us and let’s make food waste a problem of the past!

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