Fund for Eshwarie, Amirtha &Ashwin, whose mum cancer claimed

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SGD 6,029.00

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to Shamala Sivananthan's family
Anirudh Krishnan is a Work Colleague of the beneficiary.

Shamala Sivananthan, a dear friend and colleague to many of us at the Lien Centre for Palliative Care at Duke-NUS Medical School, was diagnosed with leukaemia on 27 July of this year (2017). Shamala worked as a nurse for several years, caring for patients at Singapore General Hospital. She joined LCPC in 2015 to be a part of a team to deliver and evaluate whether advance care planning for patients with a terminal illness was effective. Much of her work revolved around interacting with patients with diseases such as heart failure, and cancer, and encouraging them to have important conversations with their loved ones and to make their last wishes known. She firmly believed in the importance of palliative care and believed that patients should be cared for with dignity at the end of their life and receive the care that they wished for. She was an asset to the entire team, was hard working, and had a great sense of humor.

Shortly after her treatment commenced, she began to show signs of improvement. Her radiant positivity throughout her treatment stood as a true testament to her fortitude and resilience. Such was her improvement that her doctors indicated the possibility that she could return to work as early as December. Those who knew her best visited her at her home for Deepavali, and commented on her cheerfulness and optimism.

On 15 November, her husband woke to find that Shamala had passed on in her sleep, following a few days of fever and pain. She leaves behind an incredibly loving husband, three extremely bright school-going children, and countless other family members and friends who will miss her dearly. Her passing is a tangible loss to all who knew her.

Her children have bright futures ahead of them, and while we cannot hope to replace the loving care she afforded them, the loss of her income will substantially affect her husband's ability to provide for the three children.

We ask for your support to ensure that financial resources do not stand in the way of them completing their education and achieving their fullest potential.


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