Fundraising for Good Karma Singapore

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SGD 1,850.25

raised by 41 people

to Good Karma Singapore
Good Karma Singapore is a Founder of the beneficiary.

The Good Karma Singapore has touched many lives of children and people around some poor countries in ASEAN such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. We do really need your support to make a difference in their lives. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for this third quarter.  Without your generous heart they are still living in a serious poverty and hunger. Children also need education to reach their hands helping their own family from the poverty in the future. That’s why we are trying to help on this area by giving stationary, school equipment, rice, and whatever we can do .....etc.

Click here to Watch Channel 8 news about us


*  Lots of children are in need of a school bag and stationary in order to attend school in  Cambodia - as they are in every school around the world.  These are basic needs for students yet the majority of students in Cambodia do not have these essentials as their families cannot afford them. Supplying these necessities will enable children to have a better chance at learning - and a better life. By the way, some children are sadly missing the class as long as they have no school equipment like other children  do.

* Many people live below the poverty line in Cambodia, for many and varying reasons. Life is simple - simply hard for many! Our aim is to distribute rice to those who are in greatest need i.e. the sick, aged, widowed etc. In fact,  giving rice to them means bringing good merits. A simple bag of rice will last the family at least two weeks. It would save 50% of their daily wage consuming. Mostly, the moms skip their meals just to feed their children. We hope to forward two bags of rice to the family every month. These villagers stay at the slums houses at Killing Field which is far away from the city and they usually collect recyclable items earning less then US$1 a day. 

One bag of 5kg rice = US$5.60 ( S$8 ) Delivery Included.


* In Cambodia the local hospitals do not supply food to patients sufficiently.  They are solely reliant on family to supply their needs in assisting them to gain strength in order to get better again, along with the treatment.  Many families are of low-income (especially if the sick patient is the bread-winner), and live a distance from the hospital, hence the patients often miss out on meals. It is our aim to bridge this gap and to distribute food when others cannot support the patients. Some of them are sadly go hungry for the day.

For every 1 meal = US$1.50 (S$2 include a bottle of drinking water)


PLEASE HELP FOR GOODNESS SAKE.  We cannot close our eyes walking pass these in need people. Your small gift can make a life of difference!  

May Merits be with you always and be blessed. 

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