Gesture of thanks for TKGS's beloved caretaker

Gesture of thanks for TKGS's beloved caretaker
This movement has ended successfully

SGD 7,564.00

raised of SGD 6,000.00 goal

Dear TKGS Alumni,

Remember Dollah or Pakcik Dollah or Uncle Dollah?

A small-built man with a generous smile on his face, greeting us cheerfully when we arrived at school, always ready with an umbrella when it rained, closed the gates when some of us stayed late after our extra-curricular activities and an unofficial,  dare we say it - icon of our beloved TKGS?

 He has served the school for 45 long years and finally retired two weeks ago on June 30, from possibly the only job he knows. Such a well-deserved retirement to finally enjoy time with his family (and not loud, squealing, boisterous girls on a daily basis! :) and rest from work worries.

Dollah or his real name, Abdullah Basiron served as Operations Support Officer for TKGS and is its longest serving staff. He had all the keys to the doors of the buildings and was ever so helpful and happy. His whistling and singing was simply - pure joy.

Both of us (Zuzanita Zakaria (Bom of class of 88) &  Khalijah Mas'ud (Khalid of class of 86)) would like to raise funds for Dollah as a token of appreciation for his dedication to our school. We are thinking of getting a very nice watch for him, something that he can proudly wear and tell his friends how his girls still remember him from all over the world even when we are busy rocking our own chosen paths.  

Our target is at least SGD$6000 to get him a brand new watch and some extra cash for him.  All we need are 300 ex-TKG girls to contribute $20 each, and we would have reached our target.  If you want to give more, we welcome it too. Any excess funds received will be given to Uncle Dollah for his holiday retirement plans. 

 We thought this will be a great way to truly use our united TKGS spirit – in kindness and generosity, for the person who took care of so many little things during all of our glorious days in the beloved Katong school.

 Do help spread the word to all ex-TKGS girls you know who may be interested to participate in this farewell gift for Dollah. He is a special person, etched in all of our memories, and he deserves to know that we all remember him.


An article written on him in 2014:

 Please contact us (Bom (email hidden)) or (Khalid (email hidden)) if you need to verify or need more details.  

 “We cannot all be heroes” but we can always remember our hero, Uncle Dollah.

Sometimes demure but always resolute, 

Zuzanita (Bom - class of 88)  & Khalijah (Khalid - class of 86)