Give life to a 7 year old boy "Lucky"

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SGD 5,049.00

raised of SGD 500,000.00 goal

to Ayra (luck's mum)
Bompipi Cares is a Good Samaritan of the beneficiary.

Save a 7 years old kid known as Lucky Jhon born with Epidermolysis Bullosa who may die if no further medical treatment is being provided.

Epidermolysis Bullosa is a group of heritable skin fragility disorders with considerable morbidity and mortality. 

Lucky’s mother Ayra is 24 years old single mum, Lucky Jhon father abandoned them and disappear immediately when the doctors at the delivery room told him that Lucky Jhon is being diagnose with Epidermolysis Bullosa. 

Ayra has already exhausted her monthly salary despite working 2 jobs - 18 hours daily as a call cashier cum reliever earning monthly PESO 5,000.00 or SGD$ 132.00.

Every day Lucky Jhon need to endure excruciating pain as his skin problem is like an open wound or second degree burn throughout his whole body from head to toe. Such pain happen to him throughout his daily movement, when he sleep he will feel pain as his back will bleed once he lie down, when he walk his feet will bleed and gives him unbearable pain.

Everyone tried to avoid Lucky Jhon when they see him in this situation, the only wish for this 7 years old boy is to be able to attend school and to lead a normal life like everyone.

Lucky Jhon require funds and money to purchase :-
(1) Blood AB+ from Manila Hospital to do blood transfusion on a monthly basis as he is bleeding daily.

(2) Dressing, ointment and bandages to wrap his whole body which required to be change daily to prevent infection.

(3) Medication and drugs for his medical condition like pain reliever, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, skin cream, etc. But sadly Lucky Jhon has stop his medication since August 2017 as his mother do not have  enough money, so Lucky Jhon need to suffer pain daily as he no longer has pain reliever and his condition is getting worst due to infection as he do not have antibiotics.

(4) Doctors in Philippines is not able to treat Lucky Jhon skin illness and need to refer Lucky Jhon to specialize skin doctors in Singapore.

Thank you and God bless everyone for saving their family

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 1,326.00 from other sources.