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Embodied Sensing is a Founder of the beneficiary.

Over 5% of the world’s population - 360 million people - has disabling hearing loss and majority of them live in low and middle income countries. Not to mention the fact that people with disabilities are employed at significantly lower rates than those without disabilities.

Today, an average door signaler system and a vibrating alarm clock for the deaf can cost more than S$90 and S$40 respectively. While this may not be a huge amount for many of us, there are still many deaf communities out there in the world that would never in their lives be able to afford a basic necessity like this.


Who are we and what is the product about?

We are a tech startup based in Singapore with a vision to create a more inclusive society through the development of smart inclusive devices. Our first product Knoctify is just the first step towards achieving our bigger vision.

Knoctify is not just another doorbell signaler for the deaf. Co-designed together with the deaf community in Singapore, Knoctify is specially tailored to meet the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing, addressing existing flaws in current solutions in the market and to include new features that they have always wanted.


Why is your contribution important?

We are appealing for your support here at Give.Asia because we believe you too want to help build an inclusive environment for our friends, family and those we care about.

By contributing to this project, a beneficiary will receive a set of Knoctify, and be able to enjoy a better quality of life. At the same time, we are able to kickstart the manufacturing of Knoctify and bring down the manufacturing cost. This is not about helping a limited number of people through the amount collected by the campaign today. You are supporting our innovation efforts, and helping to making smarter devices available and more affordable to millions of people around the world!


 How does Knoctify Work?

Knoctify is a smart notification device for the deaf and hard to hearing. It seeks to help those with hearing loss to be more aware of sound events around them by using sensors to capture these events, and translating them to visual and haptic feedback on devices deployed throughout the house to attract their attention. Knoctify consist of a sensor and receiver pair. The sensor device has a button and vibration sensor that is attached on the door.  It detects if someone is pressing on the button or knocking on the door. This wirelessly triggers a receiver device that plays a sound, flashes brightly and/or vibrates to capture the attention of a person with hearing loss.

Here is a list of features and functions that we have packed into Knoctify:

  • Bright visual feedback from a blinking LED to alert the deaf
  • Loud doorbell sound for those who are hard of hearing
  • Vibration feedback on the receiver devices which users can put under their pillow when they are sleeping to wake them up
  • Knoctify sensor and receiver are waterproof. Users have always wanted a doorbell signaler that can be place in the bathroom, and Knoctify is the first to do so
  • Knoctify sensor and receiver are battery operated and very portable. No more clumsy wiring in the house. And users can bring them to work or when they travel

Here is a video of how Knoctify works:

Where does your money go?

Knoctify will have a retail price of S$75 when it is launched early next year, replacing both the existing doorbell signaler and vibrating alarm clock which cost a total of S$130. In support of this campaign, we are offering Knoctify at a cost of S$60.

We have partnered with a number of deaf organizations in Asia. The total amount collected will be used to purchase Knoctify devices at S$60 each, and be distributed to these organizations for free, where they would in turn help to give it to their beneficiaries. We will cover free shipping to these organizations.

These organizations include:


  • Association for the Deaf (Laos)

              Dr Kesone Sisongkham


  • Maryknoll Deaf Development Program (Cambodia)

              Mr Charles Dittmeier, Director


  • Agape School for the Deaf (Timor Leste)

              Ms Rowena Fernandez, Principal


  • Central Federation of the Deaf (Sri Lanka)

              Mr Kasun Chandana, Vice Secretary


  • Dhaka Government Badhir High School (Bangladesh)

              Mr Nazul Islam, Asst Headmaster


  • Deaf Sport Association (Singapore)

              Mr Jaffa M.S, Vice President


As this is meant to be an initiative to help those in need, we regret to say that we do not accept personal orders. However, if you like to make a contribution of $600 and above, we will be glad to help send this to any other beneficiary of your choice.



10 Oct: Crowdfunding Starts

10 Nov: Crowdfunding Ends

10 Nov: Manufacturing Commence

31 Dec: First Engineering Prototype

Apr 2018 : Manufacturing Completed. Deliver Knoctify to beneficiaries.



To ensure full transparency and accountability in the management of funds, we will be updating this campaign page regularly for funders to track our progress with manufacturing. In addition, funders can get updates on our website and facebook page.

When Knoctify is ready to be delivered to the beneficiaries, we will provide a letter of acknowledgement from the beneficiaries together with some photos of how Knoctify had help them.

Questions and Answers

1. When will Knoctify be available for sale?

     Knoctify will be available for sale to the general public in the second quarter of 2018.

2. Can I contribute and choose to give Knoctify to a beneficiary of my choice?

    Due to logistic and shipping issues, we will be able to make such an arrangement if you contribute S$600 and above.

3. When will you deliver Knoctify to these beneficiaries? And how can I be updated of the project’s progress?

The estimated completion date for manufacturing in Mar 2018. We will ship out Knoctify as soon as we receive the devices from the manufacturer. You will be able to keep track of our progress on this campaign page, our official website (www.knoctify.com) and on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/knoctify).


 What people are saying?


Singtel is supporting this crowdfunding campaign with a 1-for-1 matching (up to S$10,000) as part of the Singtel Future Makers social innovation programme. To find out more about Singtel Future Makers, please visit https://futuremakers.singtel.com