Harrow International School Boys Team 1

Harrow International School Boys Team 1

HKD 31,753.19

raised by 38 people

This is the Fundraising account for Boys team 1 from Harrow HK. Our runners include:

-Frans Otten (team leader)

-Oliver Duffy 

-Olivier Otten

-Henry Luise 

-Ravi Ray

-David Stevenson

-Jesse Swan

-Calvin Kean

For our runners, it will be at least the second year of participating; this year, we are aiming to raise more than $160,000HKD alongside the other Harrow teams, and we are very excited to participate in this incredible event - please help us to achieve our target. The money that goes to the beneficiaries makes a huge difference to the lives of victims that are saved, and helps them settle into a normal life. They, as well as us, will be very grateful. Thank you. 

More updates coming soon!