Help Aryan with his hospital bills.

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Raihana Salehuddin is a Friend of the beneficiary.

Aryan is an 8 month old baby who was recently diagnosed with having an intra-cranial tumor with hydrocephalus in his brain. He is currently warded in KK Hospital ICU and has just undergone a surgery last Friday (29th Sept) to try and remove the tumor. However, the doctors only managed to remove 20-30% of the tumor as it is an aggressive one and he was bleeding excessively during the surgery so the doctors had to stop.  Last Saturday (30th Sept), he went for a minor surgery to  insert another tube in his brain to drain out the excess water as the current tube is blocked by the pressure of the swelling due to the tumor. The pressure from the swelling of the tumor is also causing one of the pupil of his eye to be bigger than the other. Currently, Aryan is on medication. However, the medication does not seem to be bringing down the swelling and the doctors cannot increase the dosage as he is still a baby. He is now on observation.

How did we find out?

Aryan was feeling weak and lethargic and he tends to vomit when fed.  When we brought him to KK Hospital A&E,  the doctor found that his head is tilted to 1 side. So a CT scan was done and they found a growth in the head causing the water in the brain to not have space which explains the hydrocephalus. An MRI scan was done to confirm that it is a tumour  with a size of 7cm by 8cm on the left side of his head. 

The cost of the whole procedure is still unknown as he may need to go for more surgeries as well as chemotherapy. As of now, his hospital fees are $14,640.42.  Part of his tumor already reached his spine and the doctors also need to run a test. After that, he will need to proceed with chemotherapy. 

Aryan has 4 other siblings and they are staying in a rented flat. His mother is currently on no pay leave as she has to be by his side in the hospital. Thus, they would need all the help they can get with the finances. Any amount donated will go a long way in helping the family. All donations will go towards his medical bills, diapers as well as milk.