Help Auntie Betty

Help Auntie Betty
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SGD 26,238.50

raised of SGD 88,850.00 goal

BETTY GOH'S ALUMNI is a Good Samaritan of the beneficiary.

We are a group of SH alumni trying to help Aunty Betty who is experiencing some financial hardship.

Aunty Betty has always been very helpful, and willing to lend a hand to anybody in need of help, especially residents of SH. She had always been believe in helping others as The Hall had helped her out by giving her a job since she was young. Hence, she had always been generous towards hall residences. However, it is unfortunate that she has overestimated her financial limit in her zealousness to help others. In the course of trying to assist others, she had used up all her saving and on occasions asked for personal loans (approximately 92,000 SGD) from close friends over the years.

These loans were taken up due to her underestimation of expenses in:

-          Bringing Hostelites out for meals and offering to pay for the outing expenses.

-          Helping Hostelites  with financial difficulties.

-          Helping others in need in terms of personal donations.

She has been paying back these loans slowly over the years as well, but her pay only allows her to pay back the principal sum a little at a time over many years. However, after 50 years of service in Halls,  Aunty Betty will have to retire this December. This will affect her ability to service the loans even more challenging.

When we retire, we often look forward to a potential debt free life with a pot of money for sustainment. Unfortunately, Aunty Betty will not be able to enjoy this if the debts are not settled. What makes this more compelling is that one of those whom she owes a debt to is retiring in February in 2018 and she needs to money for retirement.

Aunty Betty has been a key figure in the hostel and she has always gone out of her way to help Hall residents whenever help is needed. She had dedicated her life to Hall. She may have overestimated her abilities and had cross the limits in helping others in her zealousness to help others. She had never shared her hardship with others until we found recently and verified the debts.

We are appealing to all who had benefitted from her warm friendship and kindness to make an informed donation. This is the least we can do for someone with a big heart and who has committed her life to the Halls in the last 50 years. No sum is too small to help our beloved Aunty Betty. The fund raised will be used to repay only the loans and we will stop the campaign once the amount has been reached. You may also contact us through the link below her photo to contact the fundraisers to find out more of her situation. Alternatively, you may also contact Aunty Betty directly to ask her about her situation but please do so respectfully. 

This decision has been made with Aunty Betty's consent. 

Thank you!

Updates 1:

We had revised the target downwards after clarifying the transaction fees by the bank/Finance service provider. With the rates lower than what we had previously envisage, the target had been revised to $95K instead of the initial $100K.  Of the $95k, approximate $3k would be the bank transaction/financial service fees. The rest of the money collected will be debited straight to Aunty Betty's account registered with Give.Aisa on a 7 day interval by (the service handlers for all online transaction) . As such, there are not 'Third' party involved in the transaction. Hope this also clarify some of the queries on account management.  Cheers!

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 6,000.00 from other sources.