Help deaf students gain access to lectures

Help deaf students gain access to lectures

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Watch this video first.

If you didn’t understand sign language, how did you feel as you watched the video?

Imagine feeling the same way a dozen of times, as you go to class for lectures, do self-study using online video course materials, click on online seminar/talk videos, only to find that you have to guess what the content is about.

If you have hearing loss, that’s how it feels like when you are surrounded by content which are not accessible to you because they are not captioned.

In 2015, we ran a community initiative “Caption It Forward” to crowdsource free captioning services for deaf and hard of hearing students in polytechnics and universities. The deaf and hard of hearing students that we’ve worked with reported up to 30% increase in learning after watching their lecture videos with captions. Understanding the need, we would like to raise funding to do more and reach out to more deaf students and support them in captioning their education materials.

Captioning videos can be a tedious and painstaking process which not all content owners may have the resources to cater to sufficiently. Imagine figuring out the complex content that the lecturers are saying (in various accents and speaking styles), transcribing the content accurately and syncing the text to the correct timing. Yes, it takes about 8 hours to caption 1 hour of video.

We need your help to make this project possible

Every $250 raised will go into the costs of captioning 1 lecture.

Total amount to be raised: $10,000

Your funding will help us caption 40 lectures for deaf and hard of hearing students.

What you’ll be really empowering

What you will be empowering is not just 1 lecture, learning is a seed that brings forth knowledge, progress and ripple effects, it opens doors to more learning and career opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing persons. In this day and age, barriers to communication cannot be the issue that stops one from learning opportunities in the classroom or at work. You’ll be part of the movement that supports awareness of accessibility needs, you’ll be part of the change towards an inclusive society.

At the same time, to ensure quality, these lectures will be captioned by specially trained transcriptionists with disabilities who are empowered to work from home via our cloud-based transcription platform. Your funds will run an extra mile to support employment of 2 persons with disabilities over 5 months.

Do help us spread the word about this cause. Hopefully, with your generous contributions, there will be equal access to communication and learning.

Please share and get more people involved. Thank you! If you'll like to know more about us, do visit us at or .

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