Help Don in his battle with a rare type of Urachal Cancer

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Help Don in his battle with a rare type of Stage 4 Urachal Cancer.

This is his journey...

Don is a 44-year old father and husband, the breadwinner of his family. He works as an IT Solution Consultant here in Singapore. Don and his family have been living in Singapore for more than 6 years when, in July 2016, he experienced the toughest blow in his life.


His legs started to swell and he had noticeable traces of blood in his urine. Initially, he was not concerned about it since it was intermittent. When he was finally convinced that he needed medical help, he was immediately referred to a specialist. The doctors found it strange to have only one leg swelling and initial test results were not good. Soon after, he was referred to a kidney specialist who immediately ordered for a CT scan.


The scan revealed a large tumour in Don’s bladder, whose massive size meant that he was bleeding internally and that the spill over of the bleeding went directly into his leg veins. A blood clot was found to be causing his leg’s swelling, a condition known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Even without the biopsy, the doctors were sure that it was cancer.


After being referred to a urologist for further assessment, Don was immediately admitted to the hospital. The doctor addressed the DVT to prevent the clot from reaching the heart, lungs or brain, by placing a filter. Doctors also performed the biopsy so he could be referred to the oncologist immediately. A battle plan was weaved: Don needed to undergo chemo right away, to shrink the tumour and, through the surgery, to eventually remove the mass.


On his fourth day of confinement however, Don suffered cardiac arrest after the blood clot that started in his leg reached his lungs. Luckily, the medical team were able to revive him. In the ICU, he was in critical condition and became responsive to medicines only after 2 days. Miraculously though, after 2 weeks in intensive care, Don’s condition improved and stabilised, although he was still bleeding internally. Days later, the doctors took a gamble and removed the tumour from his bladder.


Don was only discharged from the hospital after a month, a feat that took a toll on the family’s finances. The company insurance covered only a portion of the $311,000 hospital bill. Through financial help from family, friends and colleagues, his family was able to partly defray costs for Don’s hospitalisation. The family is still paying the remaining $96,342.12 balance from the hospital on an instalment basis.


Consultation from the oncologist and biopsy results has confirmed Urachal Adenocarcinoma with multiple pelvic and para-aortic lymph nodes. From initial consultation with 2 Oncologist, Don’s rare urachal cancer is an aggressive type and  has no known treatment protocol, encountering only 1 urachal cancer case in every five years. Under a 6-month chemo therapy programme, Don had undergone a total of 6 cycles with 2 sessions every cycle. Each session cost $6,500 excluding blood tests every session and PET scan every month. Although Don was able to go through the chemo treatment expenses using the partial coverage of his company insurance, he needed to max out his credit cards and sought financial help from family and friends to make ends meet, on top of his family’s other expenses.


Recently, Don started having severe leg pains and swelling again. After a 1-month break from his last chemo session, the cancer has once again become aggressive. Many of his lymph nodes have started swelling, compressing adjacent organs, including the kidney, in the process. Sadly, a recent scan has revealed a new visible tumour on his lymph nodes in the neck area, lungs, bladder and part of his prostate.


For now, the doctors have recommended another round of chemo, with the hope of controlling the new cancer mass from spreading. The more aggressive chemo has started this month and will continue for the next 6 months.


Urachal cancer is an aggressive type of cancer. Time is absolutely critical for Don.

The cancer is already spreading anew and alternatives will take time to provide some possible relief for him.


Help Don to continue being a father and husband to his family.

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