Help for Baby Gibran

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SGD 2,399.00

raised of SGD 50,000.00 goal

Bambang Adhi is a Founder of the beneficiary.

Hi, i am Widya Nuranisa and my husband, Bambang Adhi, we are Muhammad Gibran Mahrez's parents. Let me share you about Gibran chronologist

On 21st of April 2017 at 20.45, i just came home from work, Gibran was sleeping and I would like to breastfeed him. When i lifted him, suddenly he got seizure without any fever and symptoms before. We brought him right away to a hospital near our house to the emergency room. During the observation, doctors found out that his glucose level (390mg) and leucosit (39.000/mm3) were so high. Because of that, they sent Gibran to ICU. The seizure stopped after 2 hours and then he had fever up to 39 degree. The doctor did the CT scan and found there was some liquid in his brain membrane​. The early diagnosis was diabetes mellitus type 1. 

On the 3rd day, the hospital referred us to transfer to other hospital that has a PICU room and the doctor in the new hospital diagnosed that Gibran was infected of Meningitis. 

In the morning, Gibran suddenly had breathing failure and they put ventilator to help him breathe normally but afterward he fell unconscious until now. He has been comma for 195days (6months) in PICU. Some tests had been done for him, such as blood test is normal, EEG (Electroencephalogram) is still below normal and another brain CT scan.

The brain CT scan and MSCT result are not good, the doctor diagnosed as a decreased density of the brain stem (Rest Encephalitis) and his brain stem has been darkened. By the time the doctor wants to state that his brain stem died, suddenly Gibran response spontaneously and he is progressing better and better till now. The movements began from the feet and progressing until the neck now.

The total hospital bill is amounting SGD70.450 until now, and we still have outstanding bills around SGD20.130, and it will keep increasing since Gibran is still in a comma state in PICU hospital now.

We don't have any insurance for Gibran. Even though we already processed insurance for Gibran, but the insurance cannot cover his condition since he had been treated even before the insurance registration. So we have to use our personal money to settle the medical bills. Our financial condition cannot afford the medical bills, for example: we have to pay SGD 1.610 per day for the PICU room and treatment. But now due to we are still having huge outstanding bills, the hospital did not give the medical or any lab test for Gibran if we don't have cash. In this case, we have to spend SGD 604 per day for PICU room plus the equipments only. If Gibran is not stable it will increase unto SGD 1K/ day.

All that bills excludes some medical equipments, laboratory and medicines that we have to buy outside the hospital. 

We are raising fund to pay the outstanding hospital bills (which is increasing everyday), to buy the equipment and medicine that Gibran needs from outside hospital (approx SGD 300/day). 

We really appreciate any helps that you give and hoping God will repay it to you abundantly. Any amount is precious for Gibran and us. We are forever grateful