In memory of Juvelle Cabarrubbias ~ 33 years old.

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SGD 9,288.00

raised of SGD 35,000.00 goal

to Juvelle Tumanda Cabarrubias
Yohati Daswan & Lim Tien Chan is a Friend of the beneficiary.

Sat 25/11/2017

Juvelle was placed at her final resting in the Philippines on 24/11/2017 (Fri). we hope her family is able to find closure during this very difficult period.

We hope to continue this fund raising and hit our target to help the family ease some of their pain.

Appreciate all your help and support.

Rest in Peace 

Juvelle Cabarrubias

33 years old ~ 20th Sept 1984 to 16th Nov 2017

Juvelle arrived in her home town in Butuan, the Philippines on 19th Nov 2017 (Sun) and her family was there to receive her remains. They will hold a 5- day funeral service for friends and family to pay their last respect before her burial on 24th Nov 2017 Friday.  

Juvelle came to Singapore in Jan 2017 to work for us and help take care of my kids. She was wonderful and a nice & kind person. Prior to joining us, she spent 2 years in Dubai and 4 years in Lebanon. Juvelle is survived by her parents and three brothers.

Juvelle died of cardiac arrest leading to multiple organ failures.

Appreciate your support and thanks for taking the time to read Juvelle's story.

Our hope is to raise enough funds to cover the medical expenses and a sum of money for the family.  

Day3 /16 Nov 2017.

I feel so sad and sorry to share that Juvelle passed away this morning. Her heart could no longer tolerate with the medication given.

Today we experienced the lost of someone who was closed to our family. She was very good with my kids and we enjoyed having her around. The sudden nature of this lost is mind boggling and very difficult to understand. Even the doctors can't explain what happened.

I can still remember her playing with my kids last Friday and she seemed so happy and healthy. In a matter of 6 days, we saw her get admitted to the hospital (ICU) and passed on within 3 days of admitting to the hospital. I am not sure how to explain what happened to my kids. The hardest thing was  telling Juvelle's parents that she was no longer with us but has moved on to a better place. She was only 33 years old. One of her plans was to save up enough money over the next two years to bring her parents to Singapore for a visit.  

We spent most of the day working with the various groups (Police, Embassy, International aide & hospital) to prepare for Juvelle's body to be sent home to her family.

We hope to continue to raise funds with a target of $35k. The funds will be used for:

1. Help settle the final hospital bills @ $25.4K.

2. Insurance will cover $15K.

3. The remainder will be sent to Juvelle's parent to help ease the burden on the lost of their beloved daughter.

Cost breakdown: Mt Elizabeth Hospital bill: $23,691, Mount Alvernia doctor charges / injection $900, Ambulance $800.

The  worst thing was when we took her to Mt Alvernia, the Doctor said they didn't have the facilities to treat her heart issue and had to take her to either Mt E or TTSH. Dr said Mt E can treat her immediately versus TTSH which could have delays. As such, we went to Mt E in the interest of time. 

Even more disappointing was the Mt Alvernia ambulance charges was $800 even when the reason we had to transfer hospital was due to Mt Alvernia not  having the facilities to treat.

Day2/15 Nov 2017.

Today is day 2 in the ICU. The doctors added some additional tubes to help Juvelle breath better. Her lungs have some water which is causing the difficulty in breathing. The next treatment the doctors are considering is kidney dialysis as her body system is not functioning well to clear the toxins. We spoke to her parents and they are very sad and unable to help or visit as they don't have a passport. We feel very sad and don't know what else to do. We hope to get enough support to facilitate the treatment to make her well so she can be with her family again. Thank you for your kindness.

Day1/14 Nov 2017.

Last Sunday 12 Nov, we took our domestic helper, Juvelle, to see a GP as she has been vomiting. The doctor diagnosed her with stomach flu,  just like what we expected, and her gave her some medication. Since then, she has been resting  however she did not seem to get better by Tuesday 14 Nov. So we took her to see the same GP and he advised to get her admitted to hospital immediately as her heart rate was really low at 40 beats per minute with a survival rate of 50%.  A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute. We quickly rushed her to  Mount Alvernia hospital and the doctor recommended to perform an insertion of pacemaker on her chest to help stabilizing her heart rate. Unfortunately, the facility for procedure was not readily available. She was transferred straight away to Mount Elizabeth hospital with ambulance as Mount Elizabeth was the only hospital with doctor and facility availability at that moment. Time is of essence, every seconds count. She could have died if the procedure was not performed right away. The procedure went well and she is being placed in ICU for monitoring.

On the first day of hospitalization, the medical cost of has reached close to S$10,000. She is put on a breathing tube and her heart rate would drop every time the tube is removed.  After further diagnosis, the doctor indicated Juvelle is suffering from multiple organ failure. It is a life threatening condition which required a patient to be treated in the ICU setting. We are in shock and thinking how can this be happening in such a short period of time. She has got a severe virus attack and suffered from a minor heart attack. These insults were so overwhelming that body function started to shut down one organ at a time. When the body is lack of oxygen, the functions of the major organs starting to get impacted. The mortality rate is high if she is not getting the supportive care. Supportive care means to support the body function that needs it. If she cannot breathe and the lungs need support, she would need a breathing tube. She would also need kidney dialysis and etc. Her heart, lung, liver and kidney are not functioning well at this point.

Every day in ICU costs around $1.5k for room and medical care. Her case would require different specialists to attend to her for organs  treatment. Estimated cost is few thousands per day for medication, testing, and treatment/procedure.  Her insurance only cover S$15K. It is estimated that the total cost would balloon up to $50K in one week. Another big concern is the cost of her continued care as she will not be able to function like a normal healthy person.

Juvelle has worked with us for almost a year. She is a kind, cheerful and hardworking young lady who just want to work and provide monetary support for her family in Philippines. What has happened to her is really tragic and it happened in such a short period of time. We are still in shock and denial. We hope to raise S$150,000 for Juvelle to help her cover the hospital bills  and her future care. Please help her and her family. Thank you for your kindness and prayers. God Bless.

More updates coming soon!