Help Me Save My Papa

Help Me Save My Papa

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My parents were divorced when we were young, and my papa, Ravi is from Malaysia, hence, he did not received his citizenship here in Singapore, and he’s on his work permit ever since.

Papa has problem with his heart since 2012, and has gone through 6 angiogram surgery, which was previously paid by his company, and gone through the by-pass for his heart.

Recently in September, the problem came back to hound him, and the blockage is inside the stand, which makes his surgery complicated and require dedicate surgery perform by specialist doctors only.

Now his company is not paying his medical bills, and he’s unable to proceed with the surgery unless we paid up the full amount, which is estimated $39 k from NUH.

We are trying to write in to appeal to CPF if he’s able to use my mom’s CPF for his surgery, as his heart function is left with only 30%...

If he’s unable to operate soon, he will die of heart attack anytime, and it’s like sitting on a time bomb waiting for it to explode.

The reason we’re asking for $50k is also to cover his last angiogram surgery, which till to date is still unpaid.

I’m presently still in Poly, and I have 2 younger siblings who are in school too.

We hope to seek your kind compassion and help to save my papa.

I have only 1 papa, please save him!

More updates coming soon!