Yes!!! You all did it. To bring Tarunika back home

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This movement has ended successfully

SGD 89,023.25

raised of SGD 220,000.00 goal

Krishnakumar is a Family member of the beneficiary.

Dear Friends/Brothers/Sisters...  

#Final Update

As of August 11, 2017, Tarunika moved to India (Apollo Hospital, Trichy,TN) for further treatment and monitoring as KK Hospital doctors suggested that she needs month long monitoring and treatment. Currently she is out of hospital and stationed around city for ease of access to hospital.


Tarunika doing fantastic recovery with change of environment where she grown up with family and friends support. She is very playful and happy to be with grandpa and grandma.

Cardio echo test repeated here in Apollo hospital on August 18, 2017 shown good sign of heat recovery along with Kidney and lungs. Doctors very positive that she will be recovering fully in couple of months’ time frame. She needs meticulous care and close attention on diet.

Please continue to pray for Tarunika's full recovery, that her organs will continue to heal with minimum medication to nil.

We are so overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for your continued prayer and generous donation during this unbelievable time in our life.

Very Big Thank You to Give.Asia for giving such a wonderful/trusted platform for making our campaign very successful to garner support through prayer and donations.

Raised total of 89000SGD as of August 19, 2017 from 964 hearts and prayers from 100’s 1000 friends/brothers/sisters.  KK Hospital final bill was around 266000SGD.  Fund raised through this campaign will tremendously help us to offset vast treatment cost incurred and for ongoing treatment along with insurance coverage.

I am ending fund raising campaign here as a very successful one and Thank you so much for being part of it.

Many friends voluntarily came forward to share their experience/much needed advice and introduced us to their friends to come over through difficult time.

Our profound thanks to all and know that I will be a continued advocate and volunteer for needful friends and family for years to come. 

With heartfelt Love and Gratitude, Krishnakumar/Preethi

Give.Asia Site doesn't show the contact details due to security reason on main page. check out in Update section. 

Email (email hidden)

Dear All

My name is Krishnakumar, I am a working professional in Singapore. Our family is going through a very difficult ordeal at the moment. 

My only daughter who was born in India, Tarunika, arrived in Singapore with my wife on 7th June. She's 17 month old.

Little did we expect that three weeks after she caught a high fever. We took her to nearest GP which was told nothing to worry about.

But 2 days later she had trouble breathing. We rushed her to KK hospital's children emergency. 

To our horror, Chest X-Ray done showed that her left lungs had collapsed!! She was then hooked up to a mechanical ventilator to help her breath and moved to Children ICU on 29th June. 

Blood test done shows high Streptococcus Pneumonia infection! My baby's tiny organs are not yet strong enough to fight the illness. Her lungs and body suffered tremendously, but the worse is when her Kidney stopped functioning. She has been on tubes and needles for the past few weeks, fighting for her life in ICU. 

It is an unbearable and painful journey for us and our closed ones to see her in this condition.

We really didn't have any option but to start dialysis on Day 2 of admission until her Kidney recovers. The hospital continues treating my daughter in ICU as her condition is still critical and expected to continue dialysis and recovery procedure for the LUNG infection.  

The treatment cost has reached SGD 204,979 as at 24 July (bill from KK hospital is uploaded) and is mounting up each day. The company's group medical insurance policy covers of up to SGD 60K. We have exhausted all means, depleted savings and borrowings from friends & relatives, but only managed to repay SGD 25,000.

We now do not have other option but to move back to India as the baby still in critical condition.  

The hospital estimated the cost going to be around SGD 300,000.  I am trying all possible ways to bring my baby back home.  

I would like to reach out to you, please, to extend any help that will assist us going through this ordeal. Please help us to save our baby. 

Last but not least, my humble request for your prayer to Turnika,  so she can be out of hospital soon, to play and to see her smile, again.

We thank YOU, from the bottom of our hearts...