Help Migrant Worker Roshid Mamunur

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SGD 10,600.00

raised of SGD 10,000.00 goal

Caring Community is a Good Samaritan of the beneficiary.

Mamunur has been working in Singapore on & off  since 2009, and last year,  he joined a lift repair company before he got into an accident, which was on 16 July 2016, over a year ago.

During the time of the accident, he was working in a lift shaft within a very tight space, and while he was repairing the lift, Lifts 1 & 3 were operating, and he was at Lift 2 repairing.

Mamunur was on a ladder, which is fixed between Lifts 1 & 2 to hold a light for a co-worker. 

Suddenly, Lift 1 descended, it forced pressure on his right thigh, pushing his right foot against a cross beam and causing part of his foot to be fractured. Besides his foot being fractured, he also suffered back injuries as well. Mamunur has undergone assessment by a doctor and was awarded compensation for his injury.

Mamunur has been waiting a long time for his case to conclude and would like to return home soon, but he's disappointed by the compensation he's awarded.

He's 32 years old, and will be returning to Bangladesh, unable to work. He will likely someday recover, but only after a long period.

In light of all the incidents regarding lifts breaking down in Singapore, and of employers not taking workplace safety seriously, I think we ought to celebrate heroes like Mamunur who's doing an important job for us.

Let's send him home with enough money to not have to worry about taking care of his family.

As a Caring Citizen, we're looking to raise $10,000 for Mamunur so he can return home to start afresh, and not knowing also how long he'll take to fully recover.

Thank you for reading, and hope there'll be concern citizens that can come forward to help!