Help My 5 Year Old Girl Fight Cancer

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to Charleszhang
Charleszhang is a Family member of the beneficiary.

My lovely daughter, Xinyi is a five year old girl who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma in June 2015 when she presented with abdominal pain. She received 3 cycles of chemotherapy in China, and then came to Singapore for surgical excision of the mass and following treatments due to lack of medication and relatively backward techniques in China. She received two more cycles of chemotherapy then proceeded to stem cell transplant followed by radiations to the tumor bed.

Xinyi’s blood counts took time to recover. 140 days from transplant she started immunotherapy with Dinutiximab beta. However last August, following the 3rd cycle , she became crippled all of sudden and even felt pain on her left leg.  A following MIBG scan showed multiple areas of uptake. With this, Xinyi started chemotherapy with Topotecan, Cyclophosphamide and other medications. Xinyi has received eight courses after the relapse till now. 

Xinyi is a strong-willed little girl. She seldom cries for drawing blood, injections and other medical examinations. One night, woken up by my wife’s weeping,  Xinyi turned round and put her puny hands around mummy’s neck, and said, “mummy, do not cry, I will be ok, bad cells in my body will be gone someday. When I grow up, I will cook for you and daddy, I will buy a nice car and a big house for you”, On hearing this, my wife burst into tears immediately, “ my little treasure, you will be fine, mummy is waiting for that day! mummy love you forever!"

My wife and I are both from Chinese average families. As college teachers, our monthly salary is only 3700RMB. We both took unpaid leaves when Xiny became ill. My wife's father had a liver cancer surgery in 2007 and mother was diagnosed with Parkinson two years later. Now they are still kept in the dark of Xinyi’s illness, and cannot afford any more grieves.

In 2012, my only elder brother died of heart attack. Misfortunes never come single. In 2014, my mother's bus rolled over into a cliff, and had her backbone severely injured. Today, she has to face losing her deeply-loved granddaughter.

Xinyi has endured two years of intense treatment as of today. Her doctor told us that the possibility for fully cure is very slim. However, as her parents, we always keep staying positive and holding on to the last hope of saving her.

After Xinyi became ill, support poured in from our relatives, friends, colleagues, students, and other unknown kindhearted people, which made Xinyi's treatment in Singapore possible. However,  relapse occured unexpectedly towards the end of the complete course of treatment in August 2016. Till now, two years’ treatments have exhausted nearly all our social connections and charity resources. Now Xinyi still need approximately $90,000 for continuous treatment. I am appealing for help, even a penny, a dollar, will make a big difference to my lovely daughter's destiny. Thank you all kindly.