Help my boy Mohd Shah to stand on his feet

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My son, Shah, is 24 years old this year.

He was once an active and athletic boy, and was even on Silat National Team, representing Singapore to win both Silver and Gold medal for the country in the Paris Open at only the age of 13.

When he was 15 years old, during his preparation for SEA Games, he was discovered to have lymph nodes on his neck, and suffered from multiple seizure, this is where his life came tumbling down.

Then, he was warded in SGH A&E and discovered that he had contracted leukemia and required an emergency bone marrow transplant, if not, he will only have 6 months to live. His is a rare case of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) &  Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) combine, which the doctors said so far only 2 cases in Singapore.

Fortunately, his younger brother was a 100% match, and the transplant taken place. But that’s not the end of his ordeal.

In 2012, the cancerous cell spread to his stomach, and contracted stomach tumor, and again he had to go through surgery to remove the tumor.

In 2016 November, he contracted typhoid cancer, and doctors had found 48 cancerous cells on his neck, and this year February, he went through yet another surgery to remove the cancerous cell.

The follow up radiotherapy was recommended, but unfortunately, the treatment was expensive and all the medical expenses was using his father’s medisave, which are completely wipe out.

Because of his illness, he feels like a burden to the family, so he’s been trying to find a full time work. Unfortunately, the job market is so bad that he can only resort to working on daily wages such as dishwasher, waiter, etc to meet his own end meets, and trying to save money to continue his treatment.

As parents, we’re very sad to see him going through this phase, and we wish we could help more, but circumstances prevent us from doing more to provide him with assistance.

We hope through this platform, to raise $60,000, to help Shah to continue his Hematology, Radiotherapy for his head & neck, and for his anxiety issue, he needs to see a speech therapist.

He’s been having slurred conversation ever since he gone through his radiotherapy, which was the side effect he’s facing.

We plead for your kind heart and generous support to help my boy to pull through this ordeal, otherwise, he’s refusing therapy. He’s always a good boy and the good thing about him is he’s taking life very positively.

Thank you for reading my boy’s story.

Madam Nectar, Mother of Shah

More updates coming soon!