Help SAF Veterans gain access to better quality of life

Help SAF Veterans gain access to better quality of life

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Hearing loss is becoming a severe social and health problem. Especially in the elderly, hearing loss can impair their exchange of information. This significantly impacts everyday life, causing loneliness, isolation, dependence, and frustration, as well as communication disorders. 

Illnesses and health effects linked to untreated hearing loss

  • 5X greater risk of early onset dementia
  • Accelerated shrinkage of brain tissue observed by MRI scans
  • 4X greater psychological ‘disturbances’
  • 3X greater risk of falling

Hearing loss is the most common veteran injury.

“If there is a single injury that afflicts military personnel more than any other, it would be hearing loss and tinnitus, a ringing in the ears,” former Army infantryman Stephen Carlson recently wrote in an article for the Washington Post

According to CDC, military service can entail harmful exposure to high-intensity noise from firearms, explosives, jet engines, machinery, and other sources during combat operations, training, or in the course of general job duties. Such exposures can cause or contribute to hearing impairments, including hearing loss, if adequate hearing protection is not available and properly used.

Noise-induced hearing loss is a permanent disability, although the impairment sometimes can be rehabilitated with hearing aids.

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