Help Save Baby Janver

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SGD 9,797.00

raised of SGD 184,000.00 goal

to Baby Janver's Hospital Bill
Lesly Anne Perez is a Family member of the beneficiary.

My name is Baby Janver and I was born premature 12 weeks earlier, and I’m supposed only to come out estimated on Valentine’s Day 2018, instead, I pop out on 28th November 2017, weighing only 1.3kg.

Both my parents are working class and not Singaporean, and they are from the Philippines, so, I’m supposed to be born in Philippines and not Singapore.

Due to the fact that because of my mother’s complication in her pregnancy, the doctors have no choice but to take me out early! 

As mentioned I was born premature, I’m currently in a CIPAP machine inside the incubator and require tube feeding, and I’m trying my best fighting on to stay alive.

Besides being in the  incubator, I will have to undergo a series of test and medical procedure to ensure I survive this ordeal and to make sure there’s no damage to my organs to hinder my future growth.

Since my parents are both foreigners, and the medical are not subsidized, my early arrival is taking a toll on their finance and whatever they have, they had fully exhausted.

The hospital estimate my medical fees to be around $184,000 and I have to be in here for at least 3 to 4 months.

I’m seeking all kind aunties and uncles, please help me to stay alive through this ordeal, until I’m well enough to go back to the Philippines with my mother, so she can take care of me there where the medical expenses are not so expensive.

Thank you so much for your kind heart to help a little baby here!