Help Single Mother fight Gamma Delta T-Cell Lymphoma

Help Single Mother fight Gamma Delta T-Cell Lymphoma

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to Novestela Pimentel
Lukas Tham is a Family member of the beneficiary.

My name is Lukas. I am writing on behalf on my girlfriend, Novestela, who has recently found out (30th September 2017) that she had been struck with a rare Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma disease called Gamma-Delta T-Cell Lymphoma. By reading her story, I hope that everyone would realise that at any point of time, please spend more time with your loved ones and appreciate them, because unexpected things can be struck upon yourself or them at any point of time.

Novestela's backstory

Novestela has a 6-year old daughter and she travelled to Singapore to work to support her family and her daughter so as to give them a better life

Because of her current situation, Novestela is afraid that she might not be able to see her again as all the money had went into her treatment and she has no money to travel back home or pay for her daughter to fly here.

The unfortunate happening

During mid August, she had fever with a painful bumps on her right leg near her knee, and much later more started to pop up on her arms, legs, back and chest areas. She was admitted to the hospital in Singapore to investigate the cause of the fever and the bumps. Initially, they found out that it could be a viral cause. However, after doing a biopsy on her bump, it was found on the 30th September 2017 that it was Gamma-Delta T-Cell Lymphoma.

When we first heard the news, we were shocked and appalled because we didn’t expect something like this to happen. Both of us cried because the doctor was also in shock he said “In 2016, there is only one patient in the entire year that was diagnosed with this disease, and due to the high cost of treatment, the patient did not underwent it.” I was in total disbelief and I did not know what to do to cure her. The doctor explained the treatments available to us, and also the cost. That she needed to undergo chemotherapy, and stem cell transplant, with additional treatments after.

I remembered a consultation with a doctor, he said, “The worst case scenario is the Gamma-Delta T-Cell Lymphoma.” My heart sank as I heard what he said. As for Novestela, she just started to cry but I encouraged her, “Be strong, I believe you can get through this. God is here to put you through this test. His plans are never to harm you, but only for you to prosper and give you hope and a future.” I know I had to be strong for her during this time, and to walk the journey with her.


She underwent chemotherapy on the 3rd October 2017. And I believe it was a success as the nodule started to subside and the pain starts to disappear. I was by her side as she went through it and it really pains me to see her being poked by needles and injected chemotherapy drugs into her as it was really painful. After 5 days, she was discharged from the hospital and the bill was around $6,000 and I had to use all my savings to pay off the bills.

Our love life

Novestela and I had been in a long distance relationship prior to her coming. We constantly kept in contact through video calls.

If time permits, I would travel to the Philippines to see her, likewise for her to travel here. I really do treasure and love her a lot. She means the world to me. I don't want to lose her. To lose her would be devastating.


I am praying every single day that she will recover and back to her smiley and chatty self as before. However, with all these cost that comes in. Especially her chemotherapy cost, with the business centre estimating the cost of $6,000 per cycle, and she needs at least 6 cycles, the total cost would be $36,000, as well as the stem cell transplant, where the doctor said it would be a problem as the treatment will cost around $200,000 - $250,000. For Novestela, she is a foreigner where no subsidy is provided and her accidental insurance does not cover her treatment cost as she is under probation. Everyday, I see her crying in pain, and seeing her in a painful state pains me. I hope that she can get well soon, and pray that the disease does not recur.

Any kind generosity would be helpful. I believe any amount is not too small. She has a 6 year old daughter and to lose her mother at a young tender age, I believe that it would be devastating for her. She is strong and I believe that she has the will to live. All she wants to live long and have a happy family with herself, me and her daughter. Please help her fulfil her dreams and beat cancer

The excess amount will be donated to the Cancer foundation.