Help the family of Mr Kenny Tan

Help the family of Mr Kenny Tan

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Dear all,

My dear friend Kenny Tan Kenny Tan Chee Keong (age 30) has passed away yesterday in Holland, Rotterham. He leaves behind a baby boy and his wife. We are running a donation drive for his family. Below are his life struggle throughout his 2 years. Wei Ming and I are his secondary school friends who have set up this fundraising page.

We are raising funds to bring his body back from Holland, pay for his holland hospital medical bill, pay for his holland rental, pay for his wife ticket, pay for the funeral service and pay for his final resting place. The remaining sum will go to his wife or a FD account for his baby boy (renewal yearly)
2 years ago till today life story:

"Kenny's father passed away because of cancer 1-2 years before his got cancer"

Married in 2013 and just started off as an insurance agent.

1-2 months after marriage and shortly after he started work as an insurance agent, Kenny had cough and went to SGH

SGH informed him he got pneumonia, lung 4th stage cancer and kidney 4th stage cancer. Kenny is a non-smoker and active in sports

Kenny was informed he has a few months to live. His wife was pregnant and the baby has heart problem and the baby might not survive. The wife was not working at that time and Kenny do not have an income because he was an insurance agent and he had just started working.

Kenny told us he did buy 100k Critical illness and want to die so he can pass the 100k to his son. We convinced him to go Mount E for treatment since SGH couldn't give him a solution. Kenny went for chemotherapy in Mount E. The cost of chemotherapy wiped out his 100k

While going through chemotherapy, his baby boy was born prematurely because of the risk it carries. His boy was born in 2014 Chinese New Year.

His baby boy's heart couldn't pump properly and the doctors in KK hospital had to open up the chest and use a machine to help pump the heart. Doctors informed him that the vital organs will be damaged if his son is dependent on machine to live. His son's heart needs to be able to pump by itself or his son won't survive.

Few weeks later, his son's heart was able to pump by itself and was no longer dependent on the machine. KK Hospital bills were taken care of by social welfare.

The baby boy has a tube in his heart and needs lifetime surgery because the heart is growing. The doctors need to always replace the tube with a bigger one. Only until the son reaches a certain size then the frequency of surgery will decrease.

Kenny managed to fight off cancer and contain it in a position. He went for kidney surgery to remove the bad kidney. His Lung cancer remained but was under control. He has a HDB BTO and needed to pay monthly installments.

In late 2014 to 2015, Kenny has a relapse. His cancer spread to his brain. Doctor advised him to undergo Chemotherapy and Radiology. After months of treatment, the doctor in Singapore told him that he need not come back for treatment.

Determined to stay alive, Kenny researched for alternative treatment. He found it in Netherlands, Holland. Kenny travelled with his wife to Holland, Rotterham for the treatment. He left his baby son to his mum to take care.

In August, his son just went through another surgery.

After staying in Holland for 40 odd days, On 14th September, Kenny passed away in Holland, Rotterdam. His wife is with him.

The wife wishes for his baby boy to see Kenny for the last time. We respect that decision and are now starting a drive to get donation to pay for the transportation fees. From what we understand, the fees is minimum $10k to $50k, depending on the weight of the coffin and body. We will know how much the medical bills will be today.

All donations will be used to pay for the bills and the remaining funds will go to the wife and the son.

MFA informed that the nearest Sg embassy is in Belgium, Brussels. If we remit funds to Sg embassy in Belgium, his wife will need to take a train to Belgium to collect the funds.
Either you can go to MFA and transfer funds to his wife or you can go through us and we will pay direct. All payments and statement of account will be posted online. We are checking if the wife has activated overseas withdrawal function also.

We are trying to raise around $50,000.

To all Kenny Tan friends and people who just got to know him. After battling cancer for the past 2 years, Our dear brother, friend and best pal, Kenny has succumbed to cancer and passed away today in Holland, Rotterham.

Kenny Tan was a kind hearted and warm spirited person, who was always ready to help anyone who was in need and now we need to help him to get on with his last journey.

He was 30 years old this year and left behind his wife and baby son. His wife lai peng is with him now in Holland.

He had been there for 40 odd days to seek for alternative treatment as a last resort. Before he went to holland, he had undergone treatment for the past 2 years. He recovered but suffered a relapse.

Kenny's wife currently can't work as she has to take care of their baby boy, Kendre Tan of 1-year-old who requires lifetime surgery due to heart problem from birth.

Currently we are trying to raise the following:
Medical bills in Holland > to be updated when the hospital provide us the bill
Rental bills in Holland
Transportation of body from Holland to Singapore - $10000>~
The wife's Air Ticket - $2000> ~
Funeral Services In Singapore - $6000 ~ $10000
Burial place in Singapore

We will be either transporting the body back or cremate and transport him back. Currently we are finding ways of paying for his trip back and his wife's air ticket. Checking with airlines now while waiting for undertaker in holland to complete documentation work.

From our findings so far, transporting a body back is going to be at least $10k. They suggested to cremate first. Insurance do not cover as he had cancer before he flew there. Will discuss with the wife on this.

We seek your understanding to help this family in needs and your help is greatly appreciated.