Helping my son Muhammad Royyan medical expenses

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SGD 5,688.35

raised of SGD 120,000.00 goal

to Nur Alam Shah
Nur Alam Shah is a Family member of the beneficiary.

Dear Donors,

My son Mohammad Royyan was born on 12.12.2013 with a RARE HEART DEFECT which is called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) and requires surgeries.

His first surgery was 25 days old which was open heart surgery, and he has gone through that. We were happy that his surgery went well, but that is the beginning of his medical ordeal for his childhood.

The last surgery was call angioplasty surgery, to widen up the heart, which was only performed in July 2017, and that was just completed.

The next surgery was an intensive call mitral & aortic valve replacement, which is a another major surgery! If the valve cannot be repair, they will replaced artificial valve in him, and that will have to replaced yearly.

I lost my daughter who have this problem also previously, she was born Nov 2007 but pass away in April 2008 due to the same problem, and I don't want this to happen to Mohammad Royyan.

We come from lower middle family that will not be able to sustain for his long term medical fees, and I've since downgrade my house from 4 rooms to 2 rooms flats to clear the medical fees. Most importantly, the family have to stay healthy and stay together.

We hope to seek your help to offset some of our medical bills, and even after subsidies, we still have to fork out approximately $120,000 in cash for his surgery.

Your kind donation, any amount is appreciated. Please help us to pray for Royyan too.

Sicnerely yours,

Nur Alam Shah - Father of Mohammad Royyan