Hong Kong Academy Girl's Team: 24 Hour Race

Hong Kong Academy Girl's Team: 24 Hour Race

HKD 8,975.00

raised by 19 people

Team members:

Elsa Taeck | Savannah Hunt* | Emily Brenker | Judith Jonkers | Linnea Murray | Valeria Riquelme | Mathea Sobejana | Kate Mehta

*team leader

Human trafficking is one of the most rampant and widespread criminal acts around the world today. Thousands of men, women and children are abused, exploited and coerced every year on all continents, into acts such as forced labour and domestic servitude. Modern slavery denies the basic right to live freely when people are subjected to these inhumane acts.

The 24 Hour Race is a student-led initiative established in 2010 with the goal(s) of raising funds and awareness to combat the issues and effects of human trafficking around the world. The event consists of an endurance-based relay, with each running team composed of eight people.

Support Hong Kong Academy for this year's 24 Hour Race and spread the word! With the smallest acts, all of us can make the biggest difference. Reach out!  

For more about the 24 Hour Race, visit http://24hourrace.org/#urgency  

Besides GIVE, we have received HKD 4,830.00 from other sources.

More updates coming soon!