Hope in your hand

Hope in your hand

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DAVID TING is a Volunteer of the beneficiary.

Hope in Your Hand

On November 5th 2017, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary celebrations of Touch Diabetes Support (TDS) a group of cyclists with Diabetes or are living with a loved one with Diabetes will go on a 85km bike ride to all the hospitals in Singapore to show our gratitude to the nurses and doctors  who have been helping us to manage our Diabetes.

"Hope in Your Hand" is a cycling fundraiser that aims to raise funds to support the work of TOUCH Diabetes Support to help people with diabetes. You can find out more about the campaign here: https://give.asia/story/hope_in_your_hand

We will start at 4.30am at TDS, Toa Payoh Lor 1 and onward to TTSH, KKH, NUH, KTPH, CGH and end at Sports Hub at 10:45 am.

My journey

I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 when I was six years old in August 2005. My grandmother was the first person who suspected something amiss when I was always thirsty. She brought me to my uncle who is a GP and he rushed us to KKH. I meet Dr Warren Lee and he has been my Endocrinlogist since then. My life and my family's life changed that day. I remember celebrating National Day in 2005 at KKH and watching the fireworks.

It has been 12 years and I am now 18 years old and serving NS.

I joined TDS a few months after my diagnosis in 2005 and they have been a great pillar of support to my family and my own Diabetes journey. I am grateful to TDS and I would like to 'return" the support by taking part in the cycling fundraiser "Hope In Your Hand". 

On November 5th, I will ride with my father, Frederick. It will be my first time riding a road bike on the road and we have been training hard. My dad has been encouraging me since young to be courageous in my Diabetes journey and now he will be supporting me in this event. We will do it together.

I hope you will support us by donating to a good cause.

kind regards

David and Frederick Ting

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