Hospital Bill for Riza Anne

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SGD 12,510.00

raised of SGD 100,000.00 goal

to Riza Anne
Karen Joy Padios Guardafe is a Friend of the beneficiary.

In the morning of October 4, our sister, friend RIZA ANNE, 29 years old was victim of a brain aneurysm rupture in her bed. Her employer called the emergency immediately and she was admited promptly to the hospital. Since then, she went through 3 brain open surgeries, which are considered equally critical & complicated and involved multiple high-risks. Her life is no longer threatening.  Yet, she does remain in Intensive Care Unit and is fighting daily to get back to her life.

RIZA ANNE is from the Philippines and has been working in Singapore for the last 6 years as a domestic helper. She is a breadwinner for her family back home. She's a generous and loving person who is always ready to help people in needs.

The goal of this fundraiser is to obtain financial help through solidarity and charity, in order to assist with the burden of the hospital bill currently estimated at SGD 100,000.00 and any other medical care for her to fully recover.

Thank you and God bless.