If It Were Me: Empowering Underprivileged Women

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About Us

We are Suriya, Adeline, Ikki, Masato, Nadia and Shahira. Masters students from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS Singapore.  

We created an online poverty simulation to capture the challenges that underprivileged single mothers go through while trying to make ends meet in one of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore. If you have not played the game, you can do so by clicking this link: www.iiwm-challengesg.com

Our aim is to create awareness on urban poverty, in the hopes that empathy from playing our simulation game will translate to support for these underprivileged single mothers.

All proceeds from this campaign will go to our adopted charity, Daughters of Tomorrow, a registered charity in Singapore that focuses on providing education, skills and training to underprivileged women so that they can elevate themselves from poverty.

The Campaign

It costs SGD$1,000 to enable a woman through a year of back-to-work support which includes confidence building, befriending, mentorship and employment bridging in Singapore. 

We hope to enable 30 women through this campaign, to secure them a place in the enabling session conducted by Daughters of Tomorrow. Hence we seek to raise SGD$30,000 from this campaign.

What It Means to Us

We started this project with the simple intention of doing something good with the skills that we had. We created a game, when we weren't gamers ourselves, and sought donations when we've never organised any before. What started out as a class project grew to become a social mission. Above all, we learnt how difficult life is when you've got so little money and so few way out of the situation.

This project has taught us that with the right intention, and a team that shares the same passion, we can do more good than we ever dreamt of.

With your donation, it would validate the hundred hours spent creating the game and organising this campaign whilst juggling classes and assignments. Your donation would motivate us to find more ways to do more good for more people. 

Daughters of Tomorrow's beneficiaries want to be self-sufficient just like you, but struggle under desperate living situations. They need guidance and education to lift themselves out of poverty. Donate today to help Daughters of Tomorrow provide customised support to each woman, so they can develop skills and tools to help themselves.'

More updates coming soon!