Basic Necessities Needs Items & Furniture - HJ0168

Basic Necessities Needs Items & Furniture - HJ0168
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Helping Joy Limited is a Good Samaritan of the beneficiary.

Mdm Low, a senior elderly, age 83, comes from the forgotten low income cluster of Singapore has been staying alone in a 2 room rental flat for the past years. She has no other immediate family to rely on and suffering from crooked spine, poor vision and urinal problems. Her house was dirty as she couldn't take care of herself like everyone else . 

She hope to have some basic furniture to replace the old and damage one. She has not much saving left and was in fear on how is she going to survive for the rest of her life? Looking hopeless, she shown us the last packet of diapers she had.  

We are doing what we could to help Mdm Low by starting this fundraising for her so that we can provide her the basic furniture necessities needs and monthly provision of food ration and necessities cater to her needs etc... Our volunteers will follow up by visiting her weekly and check on her needs. Please help us bring a little joy to her from your kind donation.

Helping Joy Limited is a non-profit organisation. We help the vulnerable in the our society such as physically and mentally challenged, single elderly & low income families; regardless of race, religion or language, by bringing a little joy into their lives. For more info, you can 'like' our facebook page @ or email to (email hidden) for more enquiries.

A little goes a long way for us to bring joy to the forgotten groups of vulnerable in Singapore.

Behind every closed door, there’s a story to be told. And we hope to make those stories a lot brighter!

Thank you for your kind support!

*All proceeds will go towards this project and services that support our work among our beneficiaries under our care.