Kellett School Girls A

Kellett School Girls A

HKD 18,555.00

raised by 29 people

Even though slavery is deemed illegal internationally, it has proven insufficient in ceasing the number of enslaved. As of 2016, the number of slaves worldwide is estimated to be upwards of 45.8 million, with the number of child slaves compromising over 25% of that figure. Slavery is hidden in even the most developed cultures - from red light districts to sweatshops, to commercial agricultural farms to even working in our own homes.

The 24 Hour Race (Running to Stop the Traffik) is a student-led movement that strives to advocate freedom in a world ridden with slavery. For the first time, Kellett School is entering the race, determined to make a notable contribution. We are starting our first participating year strong, with 4 teams of 8 runners. The Kellett Girls A team compromises of:

  1. Catherine Martin
  2. Lily Pettifar
  3. Eliza Kidd
  4. Anisha Turner
  5. Emily Harber
  6. Isabela Penagos
  7. Jemma Abbs
  8. Sophie Krantz

The 24 Hour Race empowers us as individuals to strive to make the biggest change possible, to positively effect the most lives and to benefit our community as a whole. Thus, our team has set the ambitious target to raise $16,000 HKD to donate to the chosen charities of the 24 Hour Race – The Exodus Road and Right4Children.

 All donations truly make a difference. Help us stand against slavery! 

Besides GIVE, we have received HKD 4,498.05 from other sources.

More updates coming soon!