Let KopiO run again!

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SGD 2,325.00

raised by 43 people

to KopiO's medical expenses
Paul Chong is a Family member of the beneficiary.

Dear all,

My name is Paul and This is KopiO, a 6 years old Singapore Special


KopiO used to be stray and had a traumatic history. She was severely abused by people where she used to be. Thankfully she was picked up by a shelter who'd treated her. She became part of our family a little more than a year ago.

KopiO may be 6 years old but she has the spirit of a junior dog. She LOVES to walk and playtime, and is constantly seeking human affections. she is really inquisitive too, always wanting to get up close with anything and everything or how Singaporean's will say 'kaypoh'. 

Despite her traumatic history, she never ever stop smiling. Neither has she given up on us humans. she has a huge heart and is a very sweet, patient and endearing dog.

unfortunately, KopiO isn't able to move about as she used to now. Her hind legs are paralyzed and she'd lost conrol of the bowel movements. We are extremely heart broken. she has been diagnosed with Spinal Disc Herniation (slip disc). The herniation had caused the spinal bones to press against the cluster of nerves that resulted in the paralysis.

It breaks our hearts to see that despite the difficulty, she'd drag herself with her two front legs in order to follow and be close to us. she would also be unable to go down for her daily walks or move about the house freely. She is just 6 years old and i really do not wish for her to be in this state for the rest of her life. She has suffered enough during her early years and all i want for her is to be happy for the remaining of her lifespan. Neither am i willing to take away her joy of running about and going for regular walks

I will upload  the picture of the medical bill once the entire process is done but the estimated cost for the CT scan is 2500SGD - 3000SGD. And the spinal surgery will cost 5000SGD- 6000 SGD. That adds up to 9000SGD (worse case), not inclusive of 300-500SGD a night for hospitalization as well as medication. 

I do sincerely plea if you could donate any sum of money to help KopiO with the medical expenses so that she can move freely again, walk as much as she please, run as far as she can again. it really kills me to see her in the condition she is in and please spread the word out.

Thank you