Meat Less

Meat Less

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This marathon, I'm going green with sustainable salad power. Just mean greens, beans and a dash of dairy free volition. No need for meat to run 42.1 km.

Lets all eat less meat. Why? VSS has collected a good series of articles to explain. Go to:

Cut down your meat intake by one meal a week and you'll be making a difference. To help you meat less:

For every 10 - 20 dollars you donate to Vegetarian Society Singapore, I will send you a vegetarian recipe in the form of a haiku.

For every 20 - 50 dollars you donate, I will plant a bean in a pot and send it to you when it sprouts. There's nothing more protein rich than home grown beans =D ... this will take time!

For every 50 - 100 dollars you donate, I will prepare a smoothie of your choice, and deliver it you personally =D !

For > 100 dollars? All the above!

About VSS:

4 years ago, my family became veg warriors to battle a terrible monster. It is a story and a half but to cut it short, we beat it, and we owe it to the might of the carrot stick, dense smoothies of avocado and bananas and generous salads.