Donate a robot for a disadvantaged elderly and PWD

Donate a robot for a disadvantaged elderly and PWD

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to Medarwin Private Limited
Aashish Mehta is a Founder of the beneficiary.

I never truly understood the true struggles of our older generation till I witnessed my grand aunt, pictured above, navigate the laundry drying system within her space constrained HDB flat. 

She would struggle putting her clothes on to the pole and tip toe to reach out with her hands shaking vigorously due to the lack of strength. I was absolutely shocked, as she went through this process about 3 times a week. She also has hearing problems, so it was very hard for her to hear rain; hence occasionally her clothes get wet. If she were lucky, her neighbors would remember to give her a heads up about any bad weather outside.

Why does this matter?

After doing extensive surveys and interviews to understand the needs from a variety of individuals, we found that people were essentially risking their lives to perform outdoor laundry drying, even if there were other alternatives like an indoor drying rack or an electric dryer. From speaking to Touch Community Services (TCS) and Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD), they found that indoor racks tend to become a fall hazard within the house and electric dryers take up space and are too expensive to use. Outdoor drying would be ideal, only if it's safer and easier to use.

The Raincheck Solution

Proudly designed and prototyped from gorund up by the Medarwin team (

How does the Raincheck work?
Raincheck can be loaded while sitting in a chair;

All you do is press start and it will sort everything out for you safely. Not a single finger will have to go out the window;

No worries about the rain as it will be handled seamlessly by the Raincheck;

Whenever there's wet clothes loaded and it's optimal for drying outside the Raincheck will make sure your clothes will get out to dry;

What's the donation for?

The Raincheck beta2 prototype will be fabricated by a manufacturing house in Singapore and it will cost $5,000 each. 100% of donations will be put into the development of the Raincheck for a disadvantaged elderly and a person with disabilities (PWD).

TCS and SPD are identifying beneficiaries that would benefit from Raincheck the most. The more funds the more people we can support. So please help!

Singtel is supporting this crowdfunding campaign with a 1-for-1 matching (up to S$10,000) as part of the Singtel Future Makers social innovation programme. To find out more about Singtel Future Makers, please visit

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