Melvin's Ride For Rations 2017 Campaign

Melvin's Ride For Rations 2017 Campaign

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Melvin Lee is a Volunteer of the beneficiary.

"What’s up for dinner tonight?" Simple question isn’t it? And often a question that makes us happy just knowing there’s something to look forward to. A friend’s having omakase at this new japanese restaurant in town while another's going home for a warm home cooked meal with family. I myself will be enjoying Ramadhan dinner with a crazy buffet spread at a hotel.

 But even in an awesome country like Singapore, there are, unfortunately, groups of people who can’t answer that question as gleefully as most of us. While we think about which swanky restaurant to check out for dinner, they are wondering if the food they have is even enough to last through the day and feed the entire family. Would the children sleep hungry tonight? How about tomorrow, or the day or the week after? These are the questions they think about - worlds apart from you and me.

 On 25th August’17, I’ll be joining a group of cyclists to ride from Malacca to Singapore (~250km) as part of the Ride for Rations 2017 campaign. The aim is to raise S$380,000 to provide monthly food rations to 380 needy households in rental flats, including familes with no sources of income, elderlies with no children support and individuals suffering from medical & intellectual infirmities.

 I’ve cycled for various motivations in life. I’ve cycled to keep fit and challenge myself physically. I’ve cycled to get to and from work. There’s even that one time I cycled with a friend to car-free sunday in the CBD because I was told we’ll look cool with our bikes.

 But this time it’s different - I’m cycling for a cause that really tugs my heartstrings. I joined a church kitchen charity drive last year with my buddy Grace, and personally delivered food to beneficiaries. Was initially sceptical as I didn’t believe anyone in Singapore had to depend on food donations. But all these doubts went away on my first delivery to a 80+ year old elderly man who lived alone. The look of gratitude when he came to receive his lunch was, to say the least, heart-wrenching :(

 So I’m reaching out to all friends/romans/countrymen for your support, and I thank you on behalf of the beneficiaries for any donation you can give. Please let me know when you donate as well so I can give my personal thanks!

More updates coming soon!