Mentally Disable Boy & Younger Sister Made Orphans In Aweek

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nur shabana is a Family member of the beneficiary.

I'm Nur Shabana, 24 years of age and I'm living with my mentally disabled brother, Mohamed Ilfan, 26 years of age, whose diagnosis is global development delay (epilepsy). He needs constant supervision as his mind is still like a 2 year old. We are made to orphans after a sudden lost of both our parents; 29 March 2013, my mother, passed away from diabetes and kidney failure and About a week later, on 5 April 2013, my father, passed away due to sudden heart Attack .

My mom has diabetes. She fell ill in the year of 2009. In 2010, she amputated her left foot And mid of 2012, her right leg got amputated till her knee due to gangrene . She was also a kidney patient.

I was schooling at that point of time, I helped to look after my mom and brother as my dad was the only one working as a daily-rated salesman In a carpet shop to support us.

After I graduated, I was looking after them as my father was the sole bread winner. 

On 29th March  at 6am mom woke up when I was going to pray. She told me that she's very thirsty. So, I went to take a glass of water, she drank it and told me to shower her later, I said ok..I told her I'll be cooking laksa after which, I will wake her up to shower her...

After I pray she told me she's going to sleep...I said ok, I even asked Her if she wants to change her pampers. She said she did not urine.

At about 10am I woke up...went to the toilet,my dad was about to get ready to leave for work. So I told dad not to wake her up earlier as it was a good Friday my brother is around so I have to shower bro first, yet my dad went to the room to wake mum up while I was in the toilet ... My dad ran to the toilet screaming n saying, 'baby mama is not breathing..her whole body is cold'. 10.30am She was pronounced dead.

I was supposed to bring her and my brother to our new rental flat in tampines.

I was crying non stop as I just can't imagine life without a mother. I tried to be strong and not father was telling me not to worry as i still have dad and ilfan...yet it was just temporary....

On Sunday we shifted to our new house in tampines leaving all the memories in our old house as we were suppose to return our old house keys on Monday ..(it was also a rental flat)

I was so deeply hurt 

On Monday morning, I woke up back to my routine, a routine without a mom. Got brother showered, sent him to transport To attend his day care center and dad was getting ready too as he was going to return our old house keys..

At about 11am, suddenly he started perspiring a lot. He told me that his chest was very painful.

I applied his cream for him n called a cousin of mind which is nearest to me to send him to one of the private clinic near my house.

I was in a total shock and I was scared. It was really a mixed feeling after seeing dad looking so pale.

My cousin came and brought him to a clinic somewhere near my house..doc said he had mild heart attack and he had to be referred to the hospital on the spot..he called me up n said the ambulance is coming, he told me to come over,and keep telling me he don't want to go hospital as I'm all alone..I said 'it's ok abah u go.. I can look after ilfan. Everything will be ok' while controlling my tears.

Ambulance came and he was brought in to the ambulance ...he told the medic to stop the ambulance just to tell me not to worry about him,and be strong everything is going to be ok..and to make sure I eat on time and not to forget to bring umbrella when fetching ilfan... As Soon as he reach hospital, he was monitored by a doctor and he was warded in ICU and need to undergo blooning.

He called me and ask me if I allow him to do blooning..,I said its for him to cure yes he may do it..doc said there are risk involved etc...I was really in a dilemma I was really scared but i had full faint in Allah about 6pm I went to the hospital with my brother,my dad was playing with ilfan and asking me to sit beside him on the bed...he keep telling everything is going to be ok don't worry ..non stop giving me motivation and moral support..

He gave me some money for our dinner and taxi money for us to travel back  

The next day he undergo the blooning...everything went fine...I did not come to visit him as I need to settle some errands, all was perfectly fine. I came on wed to visit him and Thursday will be mom 6th days prayers ,I told him Good if his ok he can come back,but doc don't allowed so we proceed with the prayers for mom on that Thursday,after all ended, I called my dad told him that I will come on Friday after ilfan go school...he said ok,I still remember his voice , it was totally different . Told him that my cousins are going to hospital to visit him,he was asking me To pass along dads jacket n tasbih for him .

All was perfectly 9.30pm(Thursday ) he called me saying all of my relative just left hospital.

I said ok ...he remind me to doa(pray) for my mom . He said 'baby come tomorrow bring tooth brush n shaver ok...shave for abah' I said ok abah,later discharge we go cut hair ...if all was ok he can come home that Friday .

I was really looking forward for Friday.... at about 8.50am I called him and asked him why he never call. He laughed and say u call me la...u have to get used to it when I don't call anymore.. I did not think anything was wrong and I just laughed..he says he want to speak to ilfan I pass the phone to ilfan , my Brother was reacting differently like he knows something is not right ,I  took back the phone saying that I need to shower ilfan and send him to school...

I will see u later...I love u abah...he said love u too...and that he need to shower and will call again. I said ok abah, before ilfan take transport I will call u...he says abah want to come back, he say he miss us...and I still remember tearing this point of time as I was having this kind of mix feeling which I don't usually get , he say don't forget to bring shaver n come, I have a few things to teach n tell you.i said ok abah,so I showered my bro n got him ready ,at 9.45am called him he did not answer my call...I called 5 heart was so uneasy I keep calling still no answer.

After 3 min I receive a call from n

Hosp saying is this Iqbal daughter ?i said yes...the nurse told me can u pls come to hosp now...

I asked why ?she's says she can't enclose to me on the phone..I was upset I say I just lost my mom n I have a mentally disabled brother to look after....she keep says I'm sorry I can't enclose please come now. I hang up and called again another nurse told me the same thing

I called again after that. No answer I was waiting for my brother transport 

While getting bro up to transport of,one of the staff nurse that is close to my dad call me n say shabana recite prayers shabana come to hospital now...abah tgh nazak, only God knows that heartbreaking was so hurtful that I can't stop crying I start to shiver 

Keep saying ya Allah please don't take my dad away frm me,I need him most now...

So I rush down to hosp , while getting up the lift there is this man rendomly talking to me in the lift saying there is this Abg next to his bed he was perfectly fine , calling his kids and even was talking to him on some tragedy that happens to his family and went to shower,yet now his  unconscious. the Doctors are trying to save his life , Nvr Came Across my Mind that it was my Father . 

I reach his ward saw my father lying down unconsciously, I did not tot that he left me 

In my mind was just he fainted and all was going to be ok..

I keep crying and waking him up I say abah please wake up,don't leave me n ilfan...Shabana got nobody else anymore..he was unconscious just lying was so painful...too painful....I just cud not discribe how my condition was at that point of time .

 The nurses brought me to a room to calm me down. one of my cousin answer a call saying abah passed away..I was shocked...I run to abah like a mad heart broke, the cut is so deep to lose both,each and every night I cry to bed and fall asleep .

It has passed 4 years , I'm still fixing every pieces of my heart , struggling and working hard to support my brother...he is a gift from God to me I promise myself n my parents I will look after my brother trough my ups and down till my last breath 

Currently I'm unable to work as , I'm looking after my brother and receiving some financial assistance from some organization ,but all this help is just sufficient for our monthly needs . I am writing in with hope to raise funds so that my brother can get medical help and also to finance a caregiver for my brother so that I can go to work and start a living. And also to relief our financial burden. He was previously under follow up in NUH hospital with a specialist . I greatly appreciate you taking your time to read up to this.

And I would be very thankful for any kind of donation that's going to help me in this financial difficulties, it's not easy for me and I'm still trying my best to come with everything . 

Please do show some moral support  and keep me and my brother in your prayers . Thank you so much . 

You can contact me at (phone number hidden)

We were on Mediacop ,Good will of TAA fun in 2013 account hidden)&id=(bank account hidden)

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 500.00 from other sources.

More updates coming soon!