Michael Ryadi Medical Fee

Michael Ryadi Medical Fee

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to Michael Ryadi
Siewfay Ho is a Work Colleague of the beneficiary.

Dear friends,
Sadly, I would like to share that Michael Ryadi,  a Cisco red badge engineer in Indonesia, had a severe car accident Sunday (Apr 24) early morning and is now in critical condition in ICU. Michael works as NOS NCE for BCA in Jakarta. Michael has been doing a great job in BCA and is highly  respected and well-liked by the customer. The Head of Data Center Network of BCA, Ibu Lily, visited Michael today in the hospital. {Bu Lily visited Michael Tuesday too}
Michael’s skull and neck are severely injured and his brain was swelling.  Doctors performed emergency operation on him to remove his skull partially to relieve pressure from the swelling, and to remove the debris of the skull from his brain. .Michael has been unconscious since the operation.
Michael is 28 years old,  single and has a sister who is married. His mom is single mom and is not working. The family is not well off and the medical bill has already exceeded his insurance coverage by USD$10k on first day of his hospital stay.  ICU cost is USD $850 a day.  Understand today that insurance will cover most of this for 30 days except not the total cost of medication consumed.  Each type of expense (different types of surgery, bed/ room, medicine, etc)  has a payout ceiling,  excess will be borne by Michael's family. The gap was $10k as of 24 Apr. Our donation will help with that.

As we can't find a suitable crowd funding platform in Indonesia, we are using this one in Singapore .The account is set up with donations going to my personal account in a Singapore bank and I will pass the money to Cahyadi (IDT Manager) to take with him to Indonesia.  Donations wil be pulled daily by the site and reach my account 7 day later,  with  2.5% deducted for credit card  processing fee. Donations will be in Singapore dollars (SGD) where USD $1  = SGD $1.39. 

Give.Asia is a reputable Crowd Funding platform,   featured in local media in Singapore on various crowd funding initiatives in the past.  Sites such as Gofundme can't be used as they require fundraiser to have an account in the US. Please note that the "tip" (donation) to Give.Asia is not mandatory. You can set it to zero using the custom field on the right.

Thank you for your kind support.

Siew Fay ([email protected])

April 24, 2017

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 14,090.00 from other sources.