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We as a Parents truthfully appreciate and want  to say Big Thank You To Give.Asia for allow us  plight fund on social media. A million thank  would be enough to people or strangers that  come to our life's helping hand when we were  almost end... I believe the world is one big  family and we need to help each other even if  u guys are struggling with your own personal problem. The smallest deed is better than greatest intention. Yet the feeling of happiness is when you guys makes the world a better  place to live in for my family. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my son and hubby, a big Thank You for helping my son Baby Rezki... May God Bless You and Your Family...

Thank you so much for looking at our campaign! 

My Baby Rezki is 6 month old, and was born with Left Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia intraop findings of a Bochdalek hernia  (type  B) with stomach,  part of pancreas, bowel and  spleen in chest.

He on Synagis, completed 4 doses, next and  last  dose  on 25/5/2017.

Feed  intolerance at birth with mild initially required continuous tube feeding. Current  feeding: 120ml 3hourly of Neocate, 20-40ml by  orally, remainder via NGT on follow up StFeed.

Weight gain has been good ever since starting of Neocate. 

Development milestones: smiling socially, turning to voice and sound, still not very good  at  lifting head off bed when prone, babbling  well, tracking in 6 directions of gaze,right  upper eyelid ptosis, still with significant head  lag when lifted from bed in supine; symmetrical movements. On Follow Up  For  Growth and Development With  Neonates.

Admitted March 2017 presentation with failure thrive and Eczema. Referred to Dermatology  on 20/3/2017.  Seen by Doctor impression generalized eczema secondary to cow milk  protein allergy. Eczema showed vast  improvement after switching feeds.  Subsequently  stopped  steroid  cream  as  eczema improved.

Admitted 2/5/17 for  eczema herpeticum with secondary bacterial infection: Hsv swab  positive, treated with acyclovir... Reviewed by  Dermatology on 31/5/17.

Cow Milk Protein Allergy diagnosed during admission in March 2017 feeds switched form  similac to neocate good weight  gain in ward  after converting to Neocate (mostly given  through NGT) last seen in Gastro Clinic Doctor on 27/4/17 to continue Neocate Formula.

He on Zinc on 23/3/2017 given 5 weeks supply  of  zinc, to follow up with gastro at next TCU.

Subtle  Dysmorphism at  birth  (retrognathia, small  right  eye, right  testes  undescended  with hypospadias left pulmonary artery, small. Last  seen 12/12/2016.

Hypoplastic left pulmonary artery - mild, small  artrical  septal defact/ patent foraman  ovale, patent ductus arteriosus closed. Post- operative left diaphragmatic hernia. Tcu cardiology on 7/6/2017 

Left  underscended  testis  with  hypospadias

- last  seen  by  Pas  on 20/1/17

- proximal penile hypospadias with chordee  planned  for  orchidopexy  and  hypospadias repair  at  a  later stage.

- next  Tmc  on 21/7/17

Above all about His medical issues.

Fyi, starting from 1st June 2017 Msw will Rest My Case...  Reason From Msw as we got one lump some from public donors so that the reason we dun get anymore help from them  anymore.  But Alhamduillah, since Baby Rezki  discharge From Icu & Special care till today.  we  get  asset  from  msw  by 80% & 20% by  parents...

Insyallah Soon

He  going for early intervention program for  infant  & children  (EIPIC) seeks  to equip infants  and  young  children with  special needs  with  improved motor, communication, social, self-help  and  cognitive  skills.  

What adds to the pain is that he can only fed by feeding tube…

He can only be feed by Neocate, approximately $107 per tin, which only last for 2 days! I cannot breast feed as the natural milk stops after 2 months, and I’ve even tried having various nutrients to boost but to no avail.

There’s also diaper rash and he can only be on Huggies $60+ for 3 packs for a mth, used Huggies & Pigeon Wipe Last but not least, he can only use QV Body Wash Oil & Qv Shampoo for his sensitive skin...

We know that there will be mountainous hospital bills for us, and as per doctor’s order, he has to be on special formula milk which costs $1605 per month, and can only use huggies brand due to his diapers rashes.

He’s been in and out of the hospital since he was born, and he’s been fighting the disease ever since, it’s always painful to see your own baby in the ward, lying there and we as parents can’t do anything.

Our family are financially challenge as my husband is the sole breadwinner of the family, earning less than $1600 per month, and I can’t work because I have to be around to look after Rezki. I also have to look after my mother in-laws as they unwell, hence, even further prohibit me from working current.

We hope to seek your contributions will help Baby Rezki direct medical bills expenses, but also with the Neocate Formula...

No  Amount is too small to help us.

Please share and like this campaign with your friends and family. Our entire family greatly appreciates your prayers and support in our time of need.

Thank you!

Mother of Baby Rezki,  Suriyana Asmoni
More updates coming soon!