Music For A Cause 16 for Daughters Of Tomorrow

Music For A Cause 16 for Daughters Of Tomorrow

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Music for a Cause 16 (MFAC16) is Singapore's First Social Cause Concert.

The event is held from 3-4 June 16 at *SCAPE (Playspace)

Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) is one of the five featured social cause at MFAC16.

DOT is a registered charity organisation in Singapore whose mission is to facilitate livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women, and support them in building financially independent and resilient families. Its beneficiaries comprise women aged 20-60 who are from low income families currently faced with limitations of access to gainful employment due to child rearing responsibilities, lack of flexibility in employment practices and lack of focused training and skills-enhancement.

DOT comes into complement and support existing training and workforce-related agencies by connecting volunteers and community resources to enable each woman on an individual level. By deep-diving into practical day-to-day constraints of these women, DOT offers hand-holding and individual coaching to help each woman reach regular and sustained employment.

What DOT sets out to achieve:

  • Job creation for underprivileged women whose talents are otherwise under-utilised
  • Reduction of number of families in poverty
  • More conducive environment for children from low-income brought about by financial upliftment
  • Employment culture in Singapore that is socially-integrative


Music for a Cause 16 believes in the good work Daughters Of Tomorrow are doing. As such, we hope that you could join us to support their benevolent actions and good work.

Support DOT by donating an amount, and allow them to continue to make a difference in empowering women, giving them the opportunity to strive and allow their children to develop by moulding Singapore into a socially integrative society.

For more information of MFAC16 and the other social causes featured, please visit:

Besides GIVE, we have received SGD 4,000.00 from other sources.

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